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Christmas Giveaway

It is again that time of the year, when I free up my house of the books that I get for free from my publisher. Usually, I give them to friends and family, but the pandemic has put a dent … Continue reading

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The Great Disconnect

One of the modern life paradoxes is that although we are all more connected than ever via our smart devices and the internet, however at the same time we are disconnected than ever. Having a connection to other people in … Continue reading

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About giving away too much

Parasocial interaction (PSI) refers to a kind of psychological relationship experienced by an audience in their mediated encounters with performers in the mass media, particularly on television and on online platforms. A parasocial interaction, an exposure that garners interest in … Continue reading

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But what about the weather?

I think I’ve mentioned around here that when I told my friends and family in Romania that I want to move to Scotland, the first reaction was a nose crinkle and a question “But what about the weather?” or “How … Continue reading

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This is what determination looks like

The last time you’ve seen the dress in the picture in this entry, it was on a hanger, because it did not fit me. I tried to find the blog entry where I publicly announced my intent to fit it, … Continue reading

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Friends and readers, I need your help with Amazon (again)

Guys I need your help. If you know me enough by now, you know I hate doing this, but I must do it. Not sure what is going on, but my previous book, Pro Spring MVC with WebFlux, has a … Continue reading

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Last Christmas …

… I received three books as a gift from my best friends. I love reading anything really and I have trouble choosing the books to read sometimes. So, my friends decided to give me a hand.   If you read … Continue reading

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