May 18 2021

The true colors of Bill Gates

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When the Epstein scandal exploded, I asked myself how many powerful men were not actually linked to him? You have a shitload of money, and you can basically have anything you want, why wouldn’t you be tempted to have things that society doesn’t want to easily give? And hey, there is Epstein with an almost perfect system in place, to give it to you. Since Epstein was suicided in prison and quite quickly, I think the answer is clear. A lot of powerful men used his services and took advantage of the desperation of poor young girls.

I’ve always had my doubts about Bill Gates. I mean, how the hell do you have so much money and not get corrupted, either because you are a complete asshole or because you’ve made one mistake and then somebody blackmailed you until your hole was so deep you can no longer see the light? But then again, he was able to have a successful marriage for so long, and his wife was involved in all his activities so, maybe he was a unicorn, a powerful man that was actually a nice guy. Turns out, neah … he was either a master of disguise and manipulation, or she made some serious compromises because … money.

There is this legend about Microsoft, that at the beginning of computers and Windows, they allowed people to pirate it, so it would take over the market and institutions would become dependent on it and be forced to pay for it in the future. And looking at how Windows is everywhere now and how many politicians have facilitated contracts to get Windows in every public administration possible, there might be some truth to this legend.

So yeah, Bill Gates turned out to be a creep and an asshole, a frustrated little man that made a huge fortune and posed as a philanthropist and nice old guy, while harassing his employees and abusing Epstein’s underage sex slaves.

I am very curious about what his philanthropist efforts that were supposed to be fighting poverty, disease, and inequity around the world are really a cover for; aside the huge tax breaks that I assume were the most obvious consequence.  If it came out that he hired scientists to try to discover a vaccine for old age so he can live forever, or he was trying to figure out the super-soldier serum so he could transform himself into Chris Evans, I wouldn’t be surprised.

When we find out singers or actors are paedophiles, we refuse to listen their music and remove all their art from every medium. I am waiting for people to do the same with Windows.

But I doubt this is possible. This shitty operating system is embedded in our society as a replacement hip, and poisons everything just like a cobalt metal-on-metal replacement hip does.

I so hate it when my suspicions are proven right by reality. Call me the new age Nostradamus.  :)

Another thing to notice is that Bill Gates got outed quite late, compared to other Epstein clients. We should ask ourselves. Why is that? Is just that he has enough money and influence to be able to keep it under wraps for so long? Or is it because there is another powerful man with a lucrative computer business that was sick of sharing the loot? So, keep your eyes open and notice any new entrepreneurs that all of a sudden seem to rise to the spotlight.

Also, I am waiting for Bezos to be outed as being an Epstein client, because there is no way in hell he was not a member of this very special club.

Stay safe, stay happy and stay away from powerful men!

May 17 2021

I wanted to write something …

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… and then WordPress complained about my PHP version being deprecated.

Being the control freak that I am, I had to do the upgrade manually on the Amazon machine this blog is hosted on. Only, the default Amazon repositories did not provide the PHP version I needed. No problem, I needed added a new repository and installed the PHP version I needed.

Only Linux was not smart enough to uninstall the old version and Apache was not smart enough to pick up the new one. So, I had to back up everything, stop Apache, uninstall the old version, restart Apache. There were some modules missing of course, installed those too, and now the blog is yet again up and running.

Only … I forgot what I wanted to write about. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of ideas, I just don’t know which one I wanted to write about. And if I pick one now, it will require quite a lot of work and it is already pretty late.

I hate it when this happens, I want to do something, something else distracts me and then poof… the original thing I had to do is gone. When I was young, my mother used to say that if you forget so easily, then it is not really important. And maybe it was valid then, but in this world with everything distracting us, not so much. You can totally forget to do something important, because of the other many things that you have to do, that many are not equally important, but there is a lot of them.

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Apr 24 2021

Quick one about…

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I watched it, how could I not? It has Sebastian Stan in it.

You might think that I like him because we share our country of origin, and to that I say … maybe. But maybe I like him because of the contrast between his blue eyes and dark hair. You know I am a sucker for cotrast, right? Also, he is a very good actor and plays a very likeable character. Do I have to explain myself more?

All in all, the series is pretty good, and it has everything to make it an entertaining experience.

  • Sexy black person: check.
  • Sexy tormented white person: check.
  • Good dialog: check.
  • Men acting like boys: check.
  • Villain with good enough arguments that you can empathize with: check.
  • Powerful women: check.
  • References to current race turmoil in the US: check.
  • Motherly figure: check.
  • Great fight scenes: check.
  • Male characters never hitting women, even when they are the villains: check. (So much for equality, right?)

But there are a few things that could have made this movie even better. This is the dialog I would have loved to see in episode five, when Sam decides to wear the shield.

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Apr 17 2021

Secrets of bread making

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Yes, this is a cooking entry. No, I am no expert. And I’m not gonna’ share any secrets either. I’m gonna’ let this guy do it.

I’m just gonna’ tell you about my experience following his advice and my experience with bread in general.

Two times I’ve watched that video, the first time I cooked the bread as in the second example. It was good, the crust was crispy, and the bread was fluffy and tasty. As it got cold, the crust got hard, but still tasty enough to be worth it.

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Apr 14 2021

I am not a happy drunk

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Yup, I am sorta’ drunk. I don’t do this often, I mean, getting drunk and/or writing while drunk too.  But I am aware that alcohol relaxes some boundaries and allows some true thoughts and instincts to come to the surface. And because I am a nutter that doesn’t give a flying fuck, here I am writing a blog post while I am drunk.

I had a chat with some of my dearest friends this week. One of them told me that she had the vaccine and a funny side-effect of it is that she cannot drink more than a quarter of a beer without feeling sick. So… good news for alcoholics, I guess? But this is bad news for her because she has two pre-pubescent children. She needs that beer for fucks sake! The other one told me that a little bit of (Romanian) country wine made the bed swirl with her when she went to bed.

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Apr 10 2021

All is well with the world

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… well, not with all of it. Only with mine.

In case you do not have the time to scroll through my blog, and I imagine you don’t after all you have a life and things to do as well, sometimes I repeat certain details. I’ve probably mentioned before, but this blog has started because I was bullied on the university forum. This is how I realized I need a place to write my thoughts where I could control who else gets the right to do this. And my boyfriend at the time was very supportive, so we started this blog together. Then we split, but remained friends, he stopped writing and in time the blog got renamed.

Initially this blog was about my struggles navigating a through life in a traditional country and a male dominated field. In time it became a tool to educate people, to open their minds, to share with them how I look at the world, in the hope that together we can lift each other up and become better versions of ourselves. Because after all, the world is made of people, so changing the world is changing the people

I’ve struggled with a lot of things since this blog was created. My readers have witnessed me breaking down with a broken heart, falling in love only to have my heart broken again. They then witnessed me falling into a deep depression as it finally dawned on me that the tragedy of my relationships is rooted in the past and the defective family I grew up in. And then they witnessed me slowly deprogramming all the shit in my brains with the help of a good psychologist and a lot of supporting friends. Career-wise, you have witnessed me growing from a junior Java developer to a full-fledged architect, then taking a step horizontally as a technical manager and then taking a step back into a Developer role, to be able to do what I want to do – solve problems and create effective solutions.

My readers have witnessed me falling in love with my cat, a cat that learned to open doors and literally stalked me to adopt her. And I now realize she is older than my godson and his sister.

My readers have witnessed me move from place to place, cleaning them up and letting them better than they were for the next tenant. And finally, they witnessed me buying my dream flat, a flat oriented south so it is always well lit naturally. Which is practical since, I’m am pretty much solar powered. And the property the flat is in has a pool and a sauna which are two of my favorite things in the world.

The place is now clean, but it might take a while until I set it up. After all, the lockdown is still enabled here, and I honestly don’t know what to do with it. My parents never had enough money to invest in decorating the places we lived in. Everything was more about the function and less about the look. I am in this new position where I can decide if I want brick tiles on my kitchen walls (I do :D) and what to do with the existing furniture, so it fits.  I am in the position of buying a dining set so I can have at least six people over for lunch, dinner or tea. I am in the position of doing something with the second bedroom.

The world is far from perfect, but I woke up today feeling safe in my little corner of the world. For the moment there is no fight to be fought, no injustice to write an angry article about. I am sure I will find something to rant about soon. But today, all is well with the world.

So, I will take the day to enjoy my achievements, which I never thought possible when I was in my teens. I am thankful to all the people that joined me in my journey so far, as friends, or readers or co-workers.

Take care! Stay safe, stay happy!


Mar 28 2021

Nature, nurture and paying taxes

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I was wasting some time on reddit and found a few entries related to women, relationships and how the possibility of having kids affected the men-women dynamic.

Somebody asked at some point if women are just walking uteruses for men. I’ve replied that yes, because that is the only thing that they cannot do and that I hate it. Some trans people got into the discussion and everything digressed horribly, so I thought I would write a few words here, on my blog, where I am God, where I have the bread, butter and I also yield the knife. :D

Without talking about other genders than male and female, as a heterosexual and a woman, just try to date and put upfront that you don’t want or can’t have children and see how many of the men actually continue the relationship and love you for you, and not for the ability of passing on their genes.

Maybe it’s nature, maybe it’s education, but most men want to pass their genes on and if they can’t, they will deny themselves a partner who fits them perfectly in every other way. To me this behaviour is crazy. Because if we were to take the self-preservation instinct into account, a full-blown adult is a much safer bet than a bunch of to-be-decided ones, that you have to nurture and take care of until they are adults and able to be a support for you. And that is, if they are born healthy and, if society doesn’t fuck them up.

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