Jun 26 2009

Mă doare sufletul

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Primul meu idol muzical s-a stins as-noapte. A dispărut de pe scena muzicală precum o stea căzatoare dispare de pe cer. După numai 50 de ani de viață. A fost un artist desavărșit a cărui voce mi-a încântat copilăria. A murit și nu va ști niciodată că îmi doream să îl cunosc cândva, chiar dacă mi-ar fi luat mult timp să îmi îndeplinesc această dorință și ar fi fost prea bătrân să se ridice dintr-un scaun cu rotile, coardele sale vocale ar fi fost uscate și nu mi-ar fi putut răspunde la salut sau chiar dacă ochii lui ar fi murit primii și nu m-ar fi putut vedea.

Vocea lui Michael Jackson a fost atât de puternică încât dupa căderea lui Ceaușescu a fost prima care a ajuns la urechile mele. Datorită lui m-am decis să învăț limba engleză și în clasa a IV-a le cântam colegilor și doamnei învățătoare “Who is it?”. Am plâns de ciudă când a concertat în România, iar părinții mei nu și-au permis să mă ducă la concert.

Am suferit imens când a fost acuzat de pedofilie și asta pentru că necunoscându-l nu puteam să trag eu o concluzie validă și trebuia să citesc aberațiile din presă. Am suferit pentru că știam că artiștii au firi labile și deviante și era posibil să fie adevărat. Am suferit pentru că poate era doar încercarea unor nenorociți însetați de bani care loveau puternic în imaginea lui și aveau să reușească în demersul lor fix din cauza compromisurilor pe care trebuie sa le faca în mod normal o vedetă de talie mondială pentru a-și păstra statutul.

Abia așteptam reîntoarcerea lui. Chiar dacă sigur n-aș fi ajuns la Londra la nici unul din concertele lui.

50 de ani de viață, aproape 50 de ani de muzică, asta lasă în urmă Michael Jackson. Asta și multă durere în sufletele celor ce au gustat muzica lui precum o delicatesa foarte scumpă. N-am să-i urez “Rest in Peace” sau “May God take care of your soul”, am să-i urez să trăiască veșnic prin intermediul muzicii sale care să treacă de la suflet la suflet precum trece de la om la om virusul gripal.

[English]: My soul akes

My first music idol died last night. He disappeared from the musical world as a falling star disappears from the night sky. After  only 50 years of life. He was a complete artist whose voice charmed my chidhood. He died and he will never know that I really wanted to meet him someday, even if it would have taken me so much time the he would have been old and barely standing, hid voice might have been gone because of the dryness of his old vocal chordes or his eyes would not have been able to see me.

His voice was so strong that it was the first one to reach my ears after the comunist system broke down. Thanks to him I decided to learn English and in the fourth grade I was singing “Who is it?” to my teacher and my class mates. I cried with anger when he came in Romania on tour, and my parents did not have the posibility to take me to the concert.

I suffered a lot when he was acused of being a pedophile because I did not know him,  I could not reach my own conclusion and I was forced to read all the horibile things from the newspapers. It aked because I knew that artists have troubled and deviant souls and there was a posibility the horrifying rumors were true. It aked because it may have been just a try to destroy his godlike image in order to rip him off financially and the try might even succed because a star this big has to make a lot of compromises in order to stay that way.

I could barely wait his comeback, even if I would not have been able to go to London to hear him sing live.

50 of life, almost 50 year of music, this is what he left us with. This and a excrutiating pain in the souls of the ones that tasted his music as an expensive delicacy. I will not say “Rest in Peace” or May God take care of your soul”, I will just say “May you live forever, Michael Jackson, and may your music pass from soul to soul, as the flu virus passes on from man to man”!

Jun 24 2009


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  • People want what they can’t have.
  • Women really want what they can’t have.
  • Women really want what they are not supposed to have.
  • Women do not like to gamble, but once they are sure they can get away with it, once they are totally convinced that the odds of getting caught is very slim, then with the adrenaline-rush equivalent to a compulsive gambler they’ll jump at the opportunity – if it is something that they desire to do.
  • A woman’s appetite is twice that of a man’s; her sexual desire, four times; her intelligence, eight times.
  • Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.
  • People who have children are the happiest. Happiness lies in the simple things. What is simpler than reproduction? Any creature knows how to do it.
  • It seems that when relationships are faced with challenges, people quit trying.
  • Intelligence may be narrowly defined as the capacity to acquire knowledge and understanding, and use it in different novel situations. It is this ability, or capacity, which enables the individual to deal with real situations and profit intellectually from sensory experience.
  • Intelectuals do not have the capacity of expressing a simple thing in a simple way. That’s why the best teachers are engineers and workers.
  • Power corrupts. Knowledge is power. Study hard. Be evil.

Jun 01 2009

Mr. John Mayer…

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… i think you owe me a beer.

A friend of mine heard your songs playing on my computer while she was at my place yersterday(she never ever knew you existed until yesterday, by the way) and now she is a fan of yours.

So… mhm… how about that beer? :D

May 13 2009


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Me need help with it… The bloody thing doesn’t seem to work on gentoo :(( !!! ( And documentation for it is 0).

Mar 08 2009

Seaqxx’s laws

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In the same agenda I have found some rules which I tried to follow  while growing up.

  • Never ever fool around with the best friend of your girlfriend’s boyfriend.
  • Ideals usually stay buried in the heart, reality is  a different thing, no matter how hard it is. When ideals escape from the heart they make the dreamer a hero by killing him.
  • Try not to do things that you don’t enjoy at all. You will get it all wrong every time.
  • Females big absurdity is that they always love you when you have something else really important to do.
  • Males big absurdity is that they always have something else really important to do when you want them to love you.
  • A  battle on two fronts fought by one army is a lost battle unless the leader is Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Never speak to a wide audience unless you are asked or you have something really important to say.
  • Choose wisely the moments when voice should be raised.
  • Don’t lower yourself to the level of someone intelligently inferior to you.
  • Hazard is very rare, but it is known to happen.

Mar 08 2009

Old days stuff

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I was making some cleaning today trying to decide what old stuff to throw out and I found a small agenda that I had been using for about 3 years, one of high school and two of faculty. Inside, among some of my favorite artists at the time autographs and a lot of stupid things, I found some quotes from a favorite writer of mine, named Liviu Rebreanu. So here they are.

  • Every man needs love and is worthy of it.
  • Love moves the sun… and the other stars.
  • Jealousy is born together with love.
  • In reality, nothing lasts forever.
  • Love never killed anyone, people have killed in its name.
  • Murder is always pregnant with punishment.
  • Love has filed for bankruptcy in this modern world, so did humility and respect.All is dominated by pride, vanity, selfishness, hypocrisy and chauvinism.
  • Hate is love’s sister, so it’s no shame to hate.
  • People with money escape any low, but this one.
  • I worth more than my reputation does.
  • True happiness lasts only a moment. Human nature cannot take more than that.

Feb 21 2009

Truth about Romania

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Some of rpx’s Wow friends, expressed the desire for us to write our posts in English so they can understand us. We tried this once before, at the beginning of this blog. But we gave up because was difficult, but mostly time consuming, to write the posts in Romanian and then translate them into English. From now on, posts that I consider interesting will be written directly in English.

Romania is a third world country, so you’ve been told or so you think because you don’t now where it is on the map. The truth is Romania is far from a third world country. I will tell you why.
Before 1989, Romanian people had everything any other people on this planet had except the freedom to live the country and access to information about the world around its country. This isolation made Romania technologically retarded so its inhabitants were forced to compensate the missing technology… by using their brains. The Romanians had jobs, lived in concrete blocks of flats or houses, paid bills and taxes, had access to medical services, their children were well educated and taken care of. Pretty normal for the inhabitants of a country isn’t it? Of course there was also poverty, isn’t it anywhere?
Romania has a geographical advantage being the center of the European continent and it is a pretty valuable “friend” to have. And before 1989 Romania was URSS’s friend.
In 1989 the revolution happened and this revolution is still suspected as being caused from outside, in order to break the communists friends apart. The break up happened and a people with broken beliefs can be easily seduced.
Limits were taken away, a phenomenon called freedom filled their hearts and some took it for granted without actually knowing what it meant. Internet was spreading like a plague, new concepts, new ways of life were overwhelming the “overprotected people”. Some Romanians took the chance and left the country in order to build a brighter future. Some of them are teaching at foreign schools and universities, some of them are respected members of science research teams(LHC team has 20 Romanians for example), some of them are important pieces of big IT companies(Sun and Microsoft) and some of them even have their own companies.
The ones not included above are the ones that don’t work with their brains but they use their arms in growing big economies.(Didn’t you ever wondered what Italian and Spanish economy flourished after 1989?)
Of course some Romanians got it all wrong and took advantage of the naivety of the “over-technologized” people, of course once the iron fist of communists disappeared, gypsies started multiplying and left Romania too, because in a democratic country anyone can leave and come back when he wants, what did you expect? There is no perfect people anywhere in this world, any people has its own thieves, killers, dictators, gypsies and bitches.
So next time when you hear about Romania, if you still don’t know where it is on the map or you have no idea about its history, bite your tongue and don’t say out loud that is a third world country if you haven’t been there to see it with your own eyes. Plus, the fact that you don’t know where it is on the map, doesn’t make you very well informed.

This text was written by a Romanian girl, that has a masters degree and works as a developer in a company which is owned by a French business man. A girl which was also an university teacher for a while, which lives in a beautiful house, has a beautful cat which she adores , writes almost daily on a blog, speaks two foreign languages and gains enough money to support herself and the cat :). Am I any different from you, except the fact that I’m living in a country that you don’t know nothing about? I don’t think so.