Sep 04 2020

Big democracies do not exist

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Here’s a thought, US was never a democracy, but if there is something US is good at, is bullshitting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing, I’m actually envious.  An averagely intelligent American could easily convince a gardener to buy cucumbers. American people are so good at wrapping things up nicely that they even did it to themselves. How the hell could American citizens ever believe they lived in the greatest country in the world is beyond me.

You are not living in a democracy when you need three jobs to pay rent and survive. That is still slavery, regardless of your color. You are not living in a democracy when your job doesn’t automatically come with medical insurance. You are not living in a democracy when as a person you can go bankrupt.  This concept of being bankrupt when not owning a business is only possible in the land of bullshit.

Why am I so convinced US is not a democracy? A country of that size and with so many people cannot be a democracy. Let’s look at the countries with the biggest population a little. Can you guess how many of those are democracies?

  1. China – dictatorship
  2. India — they have Modi as a prime minister and still have a caste system, I very much doubt their democracy
  3. United States – well, anti-racism riots managed in the same way China managed its Hong Kong protests  or the same way Ukraine managed theirs. Ukraine is not a democracy either. Add in the previous arguments. Do you still believe this is what a democracy looks like?
  4. Indonesia – well, theoretically it is. Practically, the newly elected politicians are drafting a system pretty similar to the US electoral system. So if this country is a democracy, it won’t be for long.
  5. Pakistan – do I even need to add something?
  6. Brazil – dictatorship
  7. Nigeria – dictatorship
  8. Bangladesh – calls itself a democracy, but it’s not. Its Wikipedia page is pretty clear on that.
  9. Russia – Putinorship.. aaa … Dictatorship, I meant dictatorship.
  10. Mexico – a flawed democracy

Look, a person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous.

Have you ever tried to reason with a group? The bigger the group, the harder it is to get your message across, and the harder is to control them. If you are trying to make a decision about something, even with a vote, things can still go wrong if you have a few loud-mouth,attention-seeking idiots. So yeah, it is very difficult to control a group, unless they are in chains, or they fear you, or both.OR you have brainwshed a few generations into submission.

Just ask a teacher how hard is to keep under control a classroom of 25 children. The way our society is structured right now, most adults barely mature, so believe me it is not a big difference.

It is a natural law, the bigger and more complex a system is, the more failure points there are, the more difficult it is to monitor it and keep it under control. So, a shitload of people doing what they want is a pretty fallible system. When it comes to people, they are quite easy to control. Just make them distrust each other. Confuse them, then divide and conquer them. What is happening in the US is the second stage. I have no doubt that Trump will continue being president and will modify the laws, so the position can be inherited. But, Trump and his acolytes are not killing people in the street. The police are part of the American people and they are abusing and killing thier own. US looks a lot like a big scale Stanford experiment. And that is terrifying.

The most ridiculous thing is that probably everybody imagined that US under Trump will be like the Idiocracy movie. Nobody thought that it might be so much worse. Because in the Idiocracy movie, their president was smart enough to know he was stupid. Trump doesn’t know that. He is the poster child for the Dunning–Kruger effect.

So yeah… rest in pieces US. You had us fooled for a while, I guess it was about time to come out as a … whatever the fuck that is.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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Aug 22 2020

Man, having a different opinion is hard …

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I received a comment a few days ago to one of my entries. It doesn’t happen very often because people rarely take the time to communicate online with a stranger these days unless they are contacting support. I previously wrote an entry about our country economies being fuelled by babies. It sounds somewhat macabre if you think about it. But it is also true. We are born and we are shaped into adults that are meant to be part of a society and … behave nice, almost submissive. So, somebody commented on it. Turns out, I know nothing, and I quote: You know what I think? That you would do anything to find a man and have a family. People are different and thus have different opinions. But she, because the commenter is a woman, does not have an opinion about my opinion and the ideas I expressed in my entry, she has an opinion about me. Not about what I expressed, but about me and how I think. This woman did not even give a second thought to the ideas expressed in the entry. She dismissed me without providing any arguments as why my ideas were wrong. She did not want to start a discussion. Because…

She did not doubt her knowledge or thinking. And this is one of the things I still don’t get about people, even after all my time on this Earth. I know enough about this world and about this life, to know that there is much I do not know. That is why I ended my entry with But, what do I know?. I am ok with not knowing, it took me a long time, but I accepted I will die not being sure of anything. But it is good to be aware of your limited knowledge, because it will stop you from making affirmations with too much conviction and ending up hurting someone. Because being fixed on an idea, is a sign of narrow-mindedness. Looking back into my past I remember one of my ex-boyfriends jokingly saying from time to time I don’t have many ideas, but the ones I have they are fixed. And people around him, including me would laugh at that joke and found it funny.
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Aug 20 2020

Through the looking glass

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The national poet of Romania is one of our biggest romantics. He has written poems about political and historic topics, but he is most known for his poetry on love.

One of his works of art is a poem 99 verses long that narrates the story of love between a human, mortal girl and the immortal Lucifer, which is not the devil in this story but a boy living on the North Star. Or actually being the North Star. It’s quite unclear from the poem, but he is immortal and beautiful and represents that unattainable love interest.

They fall in love looking at each other at night and he comes down from the sky for her. Which is not an easy task to do, but he does it for love. He intends to marry her, but there is a catch. He asks her to come with him to his world, but she refuses. Apparently his immortality scares her and she tells him: “You are dead/I am alive/You are a stranger/Giving me the chills” (non-poetic translation right here).

She asks him to give up being immortal to be with her and he goes to his father (which is probably god, but his name is not uttered in the poem) and asks for this. This is not an easy task either and it also takes a while to travel and reach his father. While he goes through all this, she falls in love with a boy living in the castle. His father says no obviously and sends him to see the one for which he was ready to become mortal. He goes back to his place in the sky, and when the night comes, he looks down at his lover to see her in the arms of the mortal boy. He calls her a “face of clay” and the poem ends with him saying the following (this an attempt at a poetic translation, I tried to keep the meaning and some rhymes for you, so it sounds nice):

Wasting away your little lives,
The nothing takes ahold,
While in my world I always feel,
Immortal and so cold.

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Aug 15 2020

About going vegan and why do it

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Let me start this entry by saying that I am not going vegan. The title is just click bait. I still think declaring yourself vegan is equivalent to declaring yourself a hypocrite, because the society we’ve build is not really friendly to being truly vegan. So unless you are living in a stone hut in the woods, growing your own food and cotton for your clothes, using a horse to travel around, a pterodactyl to fly places, you are not vegan. Also, since when was the term vegan expanded to include anything anything else you consume besides food? Anyway, you are not vegan, you are just trying to reduce your carbon footprint.

Now that we got that out of the way … I might have written about this subject before, and some ideas might be repetitive, but I am too lazy to perform a search on my own blog and make sure I am not repeating myself. I believe there are some evolutionary advantages to eating meat. But that doesn’t mean I am over-doing it. I am eating meat once a week or maybe less. Do I care about the animals that died to give me my steak? Sort of. I care enough to eat little of it to avoid supporting the meat factory industry. Does that make sense?
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Aug 11 2020

The one with the relatable insanely rich guy

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My parents were poor. Their parents were poor as well. During childhood there were quite a few times when we replace bread with polenta because corn flower was cheaper. I remember a few times when there was no food in the house for days. Many of you reading these lines might not be able to imagine how this feels like being a kid, being hungry and being told that I just have to wait a little bit longer. When I was 17 one of my teeth got infected and I was in pain for three days, because my parents had no money for a dentist. While at the university I once went three days without eating. I only had one jar of jam left and I made sure to eat just a spoon of it for lunch and dinner to make sure it lasts until I will find a way to provide for myself.

My parents sold their apartment in the city and bought a house in the countryside they made no papers for. So, they do not officially own it. They dropped the idea of making official papers because those were too expensive. Think about that for a moment. The cost of officially owning the house was too high for them. So, when they die, me and my sister will inherit nothing. Just the expenses to bury them.

I might not be insanely rich, but the life I have now, I did not dare to dream it when I was a kid, adolescent or even a young student. I never thought that a person could be fully independent without being born into some kind of money. But here I am. I have a decent salary, I have some savings, I have a piano and a computer. I don’t really need anything else to be happy really. Remember, I come from having nothing, there is little I need and want. I do not own a house, but I’m not really interested in that anyway. Sacrificing my savings for a house with my name on it is not worth the price.

So, if you are poor like I was, my life story makes me relatable, right? My story makes you think that I am an honest hard-working person. You are honest and hard-working, right? We are the same, you and I… So, if I tell you something, you would tend to believe me, right?

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Aug 08 2020

We aren’t making babies, what a tragedy …

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… for the economy.

When this pandemic started people were worried about the consequences of staying indoors so much. I’ve heard jokes about cabin fever, about lack of vitamin D which will make all of us look British and I’ve even heard the jokes about the post-pandemic baby boom.

The last one made me chuckle a little. As a person that has lived for four years with her partner (long time ago) I can tell you for sure, the desire does not grow when they are always in your face. Turns out I was right to believe that a baby boom won’t happen. And there are a few reasons for that.

The first reason why people won’t have kids: desire tends to cool down when you are locked inside a small place with a person. That is why animals in zoos are not multiplying. Also, while being forced to interact with your partner 24/7 might make you realize that they are not parent material. Or you are not parent material. Or that you two are not parent material together.

Another one is that a lot of people have entered lockdown living alone and there are quite a few people that will find the beauty in it and never want to quit this state. Because not all of us are meant to be in a relationship, but social pressure is powerful enough to push us into one anyway.

This damn virus seems to have a preference for older people, so a lot of people will find themselves without parents, parents that would have helped raise their grand kids. When I was little my grandmother helped my mother raise me. People that find themselves without parents, might decide that they cannot have a child and take care of it properly alone.

Young people that escape the virus are left with dire consequences on their health, that might make them think twice before having a kid, because when your lungs don’t work right you might not want to risk your health by carrying a small parasite for 9 months. Also, depending on the country, you might want to avoid hospitals until there is a vaccine.

The main reason and the most important why a baby boom will not happen is because the global economy will be in shambles. And raising a kid might be even more difficult than it is now.

So, a baby boom won’t happen. What does this mean? Well… politicians and economists will cry out: “Oh my god, people are not having babies, this is so bad for the economy! How will the universe survive?

Somehow. The universe will survive, because it has to. I’m so sick of hearing this argument that the economy will crash because people are not having babies. I mean it’s not like you have a baby and it directly starts working right after getting out of the womb to keep the wheels of the economy running. If the economy of a country is so fragile it crumbles when there is not new blood to fuel it, maybe the way our society is build no longer fits our reality and maybe we should rethink it. Because fertility rates have been plunging for years now, so… people not being born is not a problem.

In software we have a thing called scaling. When you want to expose an application to the public, you install it on a VM in the cloud and when more people use it, in order to ensure an efficient functionality for all users, a cloud service replicates your VM and automatically re-distributes the requests. When there are no users using it, the replicas are shutdown. This is useful because it reduces costs, there is no need to pay for extra VMs when you do not have users using your application. Maybe we should consider redesigning our economies to scale as well.

Also, another thing I hate in report to how economies need babies to function, is the fact that as long as the new generations have enough members, we dismiss the older generations pretty easily. What need is there to make sure people age gracefully, to keep them healthy as long as possible, to give them a good quality of life as long as we can when we can just forget them in care homes (the lucky ones) or we condemn them to homelessness? Maybe less new babies being born is a good thing, because maybe we can finally focus on making old-age more manageable. Maybe we can focus on improving the quality of life for all people able to work, to keep them able to work longer. Maybe less new babies being born means orphanages will finally disappear, because none of them are a good and sane environment for a person to grow up in.

I’m close to 40 in age. I will work until I’m 65. After that I am just a burden to the society. I’ll just get my pension and… exist. I do not like that idea. If I’m not dead by 65, I would really like to still be mentally and physically healthy to continue working. I can still contribute to society after 65, I am aware of that, but let’s think of a worse case scenario where I get dementia for example. Call me selfish, but I would like this society to direct funds toward research to keep me functional longer, instead of spending funds to convince people to have babies. It’s the “A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush” scenario. I’m here, sane, working, willing to do so for more years to come. I think I’m the best bet, compared to a child that is not born yet, that might not survive into adulthood or be as able and willing to work as I am.

But what do I know…? I’m just a childfree software engineer.

Stay safe, stay happy.

[Later edit]: More and more people I know seem convinced that COVID-19 was engineered in a lab. The reason for that belief is its target population: old people and people with frail health; two categories of people that are not really productive from an economic point of view. I am in no position to state my own opinion on the origins of COVID-19, since I am no virologist, but assuming Covid-19 was engineered by corporations and politicians wanting to remove unproductive members of our society, our revenge path should be simple: stop having kids for them to exploit. There are many side effects to a global decision like this, not all of them bad. Sure economies will crumble before we will adapt. But less people means a chance for climate healing.

Jul 31 2020

Kombucha demystified

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A while ago I was talking to some friends from Romania. It was summer and they started making elderberry flower fermented tea, which is a national refreshing summer drink. The drink is called “socata” and is amazing, but weirdly I’ve never been interested in making it myself, well until this year.

The reason why I considered making socata myself was that during the lockdown my only contact with the outside was my daily run. I run between to 2 and 6 miles daily on the bike path near my house. The bike path is bordered by two mini-forests with all the typical wild plants and trees, some of them producing edible fruit: elderberries, raspberries, gooseberries and blackberries. Well, I’ve been running a lot since March and when the bike path was full of elderberry flowers, I just had to take advantage of the free harvest.

So, I made my first socata, after a very simple recipe. And I loved it. And then I ordered a 5L jar to have a constant source. But eventually the flowers will end, so I did some research to see if there is any other type of fermented tea are there.

And I’ve found kombucha. Which is fermented black tea essentially. But all the videos and recipes on the internet mention the elusive scoby. And apparently you cannot make your own kombucha without it, and all “scoby from scratch” videos and blog posts mention that you need to buy a kombucha or get a small piece of a bacteria culture from someone that has one.

You fucking, useless condescending hipsters!

It is not from scratch if you already have the bacteria. It’s like telling me that to make bread I already need to have a piece of bread. It would be from scratch if you would tell me what I need to put in a jar to stimulate the bacteria to develop, you wankers! But you do not know, do you? Because all of you are repeating the same identical story that is all over the internet. It’s like all of you belong to the same religion but none of you has read the fucking bible.

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