Jul 18 2016

Letters to David Duchovny: The smile

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Hello my dear David,

I think of you today with a smile on my face. I am well and I hope you are well too. I am sure it is tiring filming Aquarius, but I am sure it is an experience you are enjoying. I look at you in every episode and I try to remember which feature matches the face that I got to look at only few centimeters away for a few seconds. I pause and look in those clear and eyes and I wonder what are you doing you now. Are you having your coffee or morning tee?

I like my coffee black or with a small drop of mountain honey. When I have tea it is Early Grey with milk. I do not like having breakfast, I think my stomach is still asleep when I wake up because of the ding! of the coffee maker that I now use to replace my alarm and the smell of fresh coffee.

How is the weather in the US? Here it is raining and days are a little cold, but I love this the rain and getting cozy in fluffy clothes. I would like to have a walk with you in the rain under the grey sky in this simple mountain city. When it rains here during the summer, the air starts to smell like recently cut grass and the city gets silent and slows down. It is almost like time itself stops. I would hold your elbow and you would hold an immense umbrella that would cover both of us. And we would talk about your books and my poetry. We would talk about your films and my projects. We would talk about your past and about mine. And then we would talk about our plans and futures.

I’m still smiling. I am anticipating the day when I will see you again. Probably it will be at your next concert. I will still buy a VIP ticket, just to talk to you again. And maybe I’ll have something smarter to say this time. Something that you will remember.

Kind Regards, sweet dream of mine!

May 19 2016

Letters to David Duchovny: The longing

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Hello my dear David,

It might seem stupid to write you letters in this day and age when everybody writes emails and leaves video messages. But these words might never make their way to you during my lifetime and if somebody finds them afterwards, maybe they will publish them as a book, maybe they will consider them valuable because they are a pure expression of my mind and my feelings, especially if I get to be famous enough and mean enough to this world. And If I ever get the chance to meet you again and if we become friends or something like that, I might even print them and send them to you.

My dear David, I am really sorry I did not know what to say when we met. I wish I would have thanked you for enriching my TV experience with your acting and for caressing my ears with your music. You are very talented and creative and you probably are a very interesting person to have a beer with. Or wine. Or tea. Or whatever you prefer, because I do not know you enough to know your beverage of choice. I wish I would have said to you that I admire you a lot and I would love to know you better. And I wish I would have had the nerve to give you my business card. I had my personal number and my blog url on it. If you would have kept it, maybe you could have called sometime when you were bored and and searching for an interesting experience. You might be older than me, but my life would totally inspire you to write new songs or even books.

I watched you sing and dance for a full hour and a half. I studied every crease on your forehead, I caressed your lips with my thoughts and I imagined ourselves together. I know we are from different worlds and we will soon be an ocean apart from each other, but that does not kill this feeling of longing I have. I long for your presence one more. I long to hold your hand again, to be close to you to talk and smile to you and look at the real you not a picture on my phone or my computer. I wish to hear your voice for real, not on my amplifier.

I do not know why I have this desire for more of your time, for more of you. It’s not like I ever had any of you.  I do not understand how it is possible for me to miss you, it seems so ridiculous, but the feeling is here and it crushes my heart a little every time I hear one of your songs.

I do not know you, I know of you. I know the good things and I know the bad things. I know you are not perfect. But neither am I. I know we might fail, but I’m willing to try.

Kind regards,
Iuliana Cosmina