Mar 27 2008

Minuni in paragina

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Tot pe am gasit niste poze cu case parasite. Dar ce case si ce arhitectura! Unele din camere mai au si mobilier. Tipul spune ca motivul pentru care s-au pastrat aproape intacte, asupra lor actionand doar timpul, este faptul ca sunt bine ascunse in padurile Rusiei. Poate mai aveam si noi de astea daca nu defrisau astia tot. Asa au defrisat, le-au scos la aer si daca n-au fost revendicate s-au mutat tigani in ele. O sa preiau si eu o poza dar restul le puteti gasi aici.

[English: Abandoned miracles]

On I also found pictures with some abandoned houses. But omg what houses and what architecture! Some of the rooms even have furniture mobilier. The guy sais that the reason they look so fine, the only thing affecting them being time, is that they are well hidden in the Russian forests. Maybe we would have had these kind of houses too if the authorities wouldn’t have cut down so many forests. Cutting the trees they exposed them. If they weren’t reventicated, gypsies moved in. I’ll take one of the pictures and post it here but the rest can be found here.

Nov 18 2007

Solidaritate feminina

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De ceva vreme voiam sa ajung si la subiectul asta, dar am vrut sa ascult mai intai noul album al doamnei Britney Spears. Nu cred ca exista cineva care sa nu stie cine e Britney Spears, cum arata pasarica ei sau cati copii i-a facut lui Kevin Federline. Acum ceva vreme minunata revista libertatea(am sa scriu cu litera mica pentru ca asa consider eu ca merita) era axata numai pe doua subiecte Corina si Raph si Britney. Cate kile are Britney, cate vergeturi are, cate lacrimi de crocobaur a varsat, cat de rea mama este, ca si-a pierdut copii…etc. Cam in aceeasi vreme am aflat de pe un blog de un anumit tip, al carui nume nu il voi mentiona pentru ca mi-e scarba de el, care isi facuse un scop din a o defaima pe biata femeie. Stiu ca multi o sa rada cand o sa citeasca postul asta, dar or sa scape esentialul, pentru ca la urma urmei, oricat de revoltatoare ar fi fiinta este in cele din urma, o biata femeie, cosita de bani de retardul ala care i-a luat si copii si cel mai rau dintre toate: este SINGURA.

Hai sa o luam cu inceputul. Cand am auzit de ea prima oara era o pustoaica subtirica si cu o voce ciudata, dar destul de talentata. Era blonda, inca este blonda si am o mare banuiala e ca dotata cu calitatile specifice parului blond, adica este putin cam naiva fata. Nu inteleg de ce s-a despartit de Justin, probabil fiindca erau impreuna din liceu si s-or fi plictisit copiii, nu toate relatiile incepute in liceu rezista, mai ales cand e vorba de doua staruri despre care presa e libera sa manance cacat cat vrea. Si relatiile dintre oamenii normali nu prea merg, daramite intre aerienii astia, pentru ca da, inchise in coliviile lor de aur starurile sunt mai mult sau mai putin rupte de lumea reala.

Cel mai nashpa a fost ca s-a incurcat cu un om insurat. Daca maica-sa ar fi educat-o bine, ar fi stiut saraca sa nu se lege la cap fara s-o doara, pentru ca un om casatorit si cu bagaj este o bataie mare de cap, oricat de celebra ai fi si oricati bani ai avea. Dar na, fata mergea probabil in concerte prin toata lumea, era stresata si singuratatea si-a aratat coltii. Si nu numai si i-a infipt asa de bine incat s-a incurcat cu cine nu trebuie.

Hai sa o luam altfel. Esti barbat, arati bine si esti dansator in trupa unui star. Fiind nevoit sa pleci in toata lumea ca atasament al starului respectiv, iti cam lasi familia singura si probabil nici multumit de bani nu esti. Cum ai putea sa iti asiguri tie si familiei tale o viata lipsita de griji si mai ales sa scapi de munca? Te combini cu femela star respectiva, ii trantesti un plod sau doi , apoi o declari mama denaturata si ii iei plozii si o obligi sa plateasca pensie alimentara care sa iti intretina toata familia timp de vreo 20 de ani. Si in prealabil ii mai ceri si bani fraierei respective ca sa-i dai nevestei actuale sa iti dea divortul. Daca dai peste o blonda fraiera cum e Britney te-ai scos!

Eu nu neg ca nu e posibil s-o fi iubit, dar e greu sa iubesti pe cineva celebru, pe cineva dupa care stii ca saliveaza jumate de glob, cineva care este tot timpul vanat, (inevitabil orice partener al lui devine vanat), cineva care este practic proprietatea unei case de discuri, pentru ca asta este adevarul, un star este proprietatea tuturor celor ce fac bani de pe urma lui.

Oricum, ultimul ei album este tare. Sper sa sparga topurile, se simte revolta ei impotriva celor care vor o bucata din ea, impotriva celor ce uita ca este o finta umana, dar in acelasi timp melodiile ei exprima si hotararea ei de a lupta si de a spera. Versurile n-or fi scrise de ea, dar pun pariu ca exprima ceea ce simte.

Cand a aparut pe scena muzicala, lumea a numit-o urmasa Madonnei, mai ales ca aceasta o si luase sub aripa s-o creasca :) . Si Madonna a facut greselile ei si ea a fost dependenta de droguri si ea si-a tras-o cu nu stiu cati barbati. Si uite-o unde e acum. Eu am incredere ca Britney o sa-i calce pe urme si o sa auzim mult de ea.

La o adica mai conteaza ce face cu corpul ei cat timp noi ne putem bucura de fructele zbuciumului ei?

[English:] Female solidarity

For some time I wanted to write about this, but I wanted first to listen to Britney Spears recent album: “Blackout”. I don’t think there’s a human being on this planet, that doesn’t know who Britney is, how her pussy looks like or how many children she had with Kevin Federline. Some time ago a local magazine had only two main subjects for its articles: Corina & Ralph (a couple that has made history in our country; short: a high school teacher has an affair with one of her pupils, which decides to suicide when she decides to leave him) and Britney, how many pounds she weights, how many new wrinkles she has, how many crocodile tears she cries because she lost her children, how bad she is as a mother, etc. About the same time I found out from another blog, about a guy whose name I won’t mention here because he makes me sick, which dedicated his activity on his blog to throwing mud at the poor woman. I know many of you will laugh while reading this post, but in doing so, you will loose its essence, because in the end, as vulgar and outrageous she is, she is a poor woman, drained out of money by her retard ex-husband which also got the kids, and the worst of all : SHE IS ALL ALONE.

Let’s start at the beginning. When I heard about her for the first time she was a skinny kid with a weird voice, but talented enough to get my attention. She was blonde, she is still blonde and I have a hunch that she has all the qualities of a blonde, including the naive (stupid) attribute. I don’t understand why she and Justin broke up, maybe because they were together since high school and they got bored. Not all high school started relationships end with a happily ever after marriage, especially a relationship between two stars always haunted by the press. Even relationships between normal people don’t work. How many chances would you give to a relationship between two alien stars? Because that’s what stars(VIPs) are, aliens living in gold cages broken off from the real world.

The worst for her was getting involved with a married man. If her mother would have spent a little more time on her education, maybe she would have known not to “take migraine medication without having migraine” (this is a romaine expression that I tried to translate in English). Because a married man and his luggage is a headache no matter how famous you are or how many money you have. But well, the girl was going on tours, she was stressed and lonely and she needed a comfort. And she found it in someone that wasn’t worth it.

Let’s look from another perspective. Let’s presume you are a man, you look good and you are a dancer in a star’s team. You are forced to travel all over the world as an attachment of that star. In doing that you leave your family alone and also you’re not satisfied with the salary. How could you offer yourself and your family a careless, workless life? Well you seduce a lonely star, make him/her a kid or two, then divorce and pronounce him/her an unfit parent and get alimony so big to take care of all your family for at least 20 years. And before that also ask for a lot of money to give to your soon to be ex-wife to give you the divorce. And if you find a sucker blonde as Britney is you’re totally lucky.

I don’t deny that for some time he may have loved her, but it’s hard to love someone famous, someone that makes half of the world drool, someone who is always haunted (obviously whoever is with him/her becomes a prey too), someone which is owned by the record’s house, because this is the truth, a star is the property of everyone making money of his back.

Anyway, her last album is hot. I hope it breaks the tops. You can feel the rage against everyone which wants a piece of her, against the ones that forget that she is a human being, but in the same time her songs express hope and her motivation to fight. The lyrics might not be written by her but I’m sure they express exactly how she feels.

When she appeared on the musical scene, the world crowned her as the next Madonna, as she was already teaching Britney stuff about a solid career in music. Madonna also made mistakes, she slept with a lot of people and she did drugs too. And baby look at her now… I trust that we’ll hear more about Britney too.

In fact, who cares about what she does with her body, as long as we can benefit the fruits of her torment?

Oct 31 2007


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Populatia lumii este de aproximativ 6.6 miliarde. Suprafata uscata este de aproximativ 45.988.500 km patrati. Calculand o densitate aproximativa rezulta 43 oameni pe kilometru patrat. Scazand suprafata nelocuibila din suprafata totala uscata denistatea creste ingrijorator. Gandindu-ne la orasele mari, ne dam seama ca interactiunile intre oameni sunt inevitabile.

Orice persoana cu care interactionezi, in mod intentionat sau nu este afectata de interactiunea cu tine. Practic nu esti niciodata singur. Esti tu si universul tau care se intersecteaza cu universurile celorlalti. De aceea orice faci tu, fie ca vrei sau nu, influenteaza un numar de persoane. e ca atunci cand arunci o mana de pietre in apa unui lac, se vor forma valuri circulare ce se vor atinge si deforma unele pe altele, in functie de felul cum pietrele au atins suprafata apei. O vreme mi-am dat silinta ca orice lucru sa facut sa fie facut bine pentru ca influenta voluntara si involuntara asupra universurilor adiacente sa fie una pozitiva. Din pacate nu merge asa. Pentru ca oricat de bun ai fi tu, cei din jurul tau nu sunt neaparat asa si nu vor vedea lucrul bun facut de tine. Iar daca il vor observa il vor interpreta poate intr-un mod negativ sau poate se vor intreba ce motiv obscur se afla in spatele lucrului facut de tine etc.

Este uman sa ne indoim, este uman sa ne temem, este uman sa incercam sa ne aparam de ce nu cunoastem sau nu intelegem. De asta ii inteleg pe cei ce interpreteaza negativ unele actiuni ale mele. Dar ma deranjeaza ca nu incearca nici macar sa inteleaga sau sa priveasca prin ochii mei. Asta este… este dincolo de mine.

Oricum ai grija, data viitoare cand jignesti pe cineva, cand superi pe cineva sau cand vrei sa faci un rau cuiva pentru ca ti se pare ca ti-a facut rau, gandeste-te ca nu stii ce se intampla in mintea acelei persoane. Este posibil ca acea persoana sa fie asa de deprimata ca impunsatura ta sa fie cea care umple paharul si sa o determine sa ia o decizie care sa afecteze universul ei si al tau. Unii dintre noi merg pe strada cufundati in ganduri, stand pe marginea prapastiei si asteptand doar ca cineva sa ne dea branciul necesar saltului. Ai grija pe cine imbrancesti, verbal sau fizic. Fii grijuliu si atent la ceea ce se intampla in jurul tau, o vorba buna sau un zambet poate face pe cineva sa se mai indeparteze de prapastia lui macar putin. Fii grijuliu cu acei oameni din universul tau, pentru unii dintre ei poate esti posesorul mainii care sa ii ajute sa se ridice din genunchi, poti reprezenta motivul pentru care ei nu vor face saltul in prapastia proprie, poti reprezenta totul pentru ei, desi tu nu stii asta si poate nici nu ti-ai fi imaginat daca nu ai fi citit randurile astea. Este incredibil faptul ca ai atata putere si nici macar nu stii… Ei bine asta este lumea in care traim, obisnuieste-te cu ea si da-ti silinta sa iasa ceva bun!

[English: Interactions]

World population is approximatively 6.6 billions. Dry surface is approximatively 45.988.500 sq. kilometers. Making a simple computation we get a density of 43 people on sq. kilometer. Subtracting the surface that is inhabitable, people density grows enough to get us worried. Think of the big cities full of people that interact whether they want it or not.

Any person that you interact with, whether you want it or no is affected by the interaction with you. Practically you are never alone. It’s you and your universe that intersects other universes centered on other persons. That’s why whatever you do, whether you like it or not it affects a number o persons around you. It’s like when you throw a fist of rocks into a lake, circular waves will be formed which will touch and deform each other based on the distance between the stones when they touched the surface of the water. For a while I tried to to everything I had to do at my best so the influence, intended or unintended on the adjacent universes would be a positive one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Because you can be as good as you can, but the ones around you, aren’t quite like that and they won’t see the good thing that you did. And If they’ll notice it, they might just interpret it in a negative way or wonder what obscure reason you had for doing that etc.

It’s human to doubt, it’s human to be afraid, it’s human to protect our selfs from thing that we don’t know or understand. That’s why i understand those that interpret in a negative matter some things i do. But what really bothers me is that they don’t even try to understand or look through my eyes. It’s ok… it’s just out of my control.

Anyway, be careful the next time when you offend someone, when you get someone sad or when you want to hurt someone just because you think he hurt you, because you don’t know what’s going on in the mind of that person. It is possible that person is that depressed that your attack is just the one to fill the glass of misery and make her decide to do something that will affect your universe and his. Some of us walk down the streets, drown on our thoughts just waiting for someone to give us that push so necessary to the jump in the abyss of misery that we don’t have the courage to do it our selfs. So be careful with the ones you push, physically or orally. Be careful and attentive to everything going on around you, a nice word or a smile can make someone get away from his own abyss at least a little bit. Be careful to the people in your universe because for some of them you might be the owner of the hand that lifts them up, when they are down, you might be the reason they won’t make that jump into the abyss, you might be the whole world to them, though you don’t know it and you wouldn’t have even imagined you you wouldn’t have read this. It’s incredible to have so much power and not even knowing it…Well, that’s the world we all live in, get used to it and do your best!

Sep 24 2007

A fi femeie e o slujba prea grea

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Acum ceva vreme spuneam ca ma intorc la catedra. Foarte bine si foarte frumos, problema este ca pentru a presta activitate didactica este bine sa asortezi si costumatia. Cel putin Marele Greu, cel care mi-a dat laboratoarele insista sa arat a “cadavru didactic”. Daca as fi barbat nu mi-ar fi greu, dar ca femeie trebuie sa arat impecabil si mereu ca proaspat scoasa din cutie, nu de alta, dar stiu si eu cum imi comentam profesorii, acum s-a intors roata si e randul meu sa fiu comentata asa ca incerc sa las motive cat mai putine. Si aici incepe beleaua. Cum naiba sa ma transform dintr-o baietoasa pentru care adidasii si sapca fac parte din uniforma de mai mult de 10 ani, intr-o domnisoara cocheta si eleganta? Haine pe masura in scopul respectiv si se rezolva… Teoretic.

Astazi a fost ziua de stabilire a orarului. La facultate m-am prezentat la costum (fusta si sacou) si sandale cu tocuri — 7 ace, ce mai!! Normal ca Marele Greu a avut ceva de comentat ca de obicei, acum erau ciorapii, care aveau model… Eh mereu trebuie sa fie ceva :) . Ziua a decurs bine, nu a iesit chiar orarul pe care il voiam dar in fine…Credeam ca am reusit sa trec de toate fara sa ma impiedic macar o data, dar de unde….Fix in fata firmei, este o scara din ciment macerat de vreme, in care tocurile mele stiam ca se incalcesc si paseam ca pe ace in timp ce discutam cu seful meu, care imi este si coleg de catedra :) si deodata se intampla minunea…Undeva pe dreapta scarii este o balustrada. Cand m-am impiedicat ma chinuiam sa imi scot cheile cu cartela din poseta ca sa deschid usa scarii. Totul s-a intamplat foarte repede, dar slava Domnului ca inca sunt tinerica si am reflexe destul de rapide. Am lasat tot din mana si m-am prins de balustrada, seful a reactionat si el si m-a prins de cealalta mana si am scapat cu viata si fara nimic ranit, poate doar cu orgoliul de “domnisoara cocheta” :) . Bineinteles ca s-au rupt si ciorapii cu model…(cred ca a fost puterea telepatica a Marelui Greu …:) ) Nu mai are rost sa spun ca primul lucru pe care l-am facut cand am ajuns acasa a fost sa arunc nenorocitele alea de sandale… O sa ma descurc eu numai cu pantofi si cizme, doar vine toamna, nu?

[English] : Being a woman is a though job

Some time ago I was saying that I will return to teaching. Well that’s very good and very beautiful, problem is that I have to have teacher style to be a teacher. At least the “Heavy Big” the one that gave me the classes insists that I should look like a real teacher. If I would be a man, that would be really easy, but as a woman I always have to look impeccable and as I have just recently got out of the box, because I remember myself passing remarks on my teachers and now it’s my turn to be observed and commented, so I try to leave as less reasons as possible. And here the problems begin. How the hell to transform myself from a person that has used the cap and sport shoes as an uniform for more than 10 years into an chic and elegant lady ?Specific clothes and that’s that… Theoretically…

Today was time table day. I arrived at the university dressed for the occasion : skirt, spencer and high heals(not too high…) open toe sandals — highly elegant, wtf!! Of course “Heavy Big” has something to comment, as usual, this time he did not like my nylon hoses because they had a model…Eh… It always has to be something :) .The day went well, I didn’t quite get the time table that I wanted but, whatever… I thought that I will get through all without to stumble at least once, but I just wasn’t that lucky… Exactly in front of my office building there’s a group of cement old stairs in which my high heals were kind of getting stuck into the small holes so I was walking like i was on ice talking to my boss, which is also my university colleague :) and suddenly IT happens… On the right of the stairs there was a hand rail. When I stumbled I was trying to get my card keys out of my purse to open the door. Everything happened so fast, but thanks God I’m still young and I have good reflexes. I left everything out of my hands and grabbed on the hand rail, my boss reacted fast and grabbed my other hand so I got out of it alive and nothing else was hurt but my “chic lady ego” :) . Of course the nylon hoses were destroyed…(I think it was the telepathic power of “Heavy Big”…:) ) No need to say that the first thing that I did when I got home was to throw those high heals sandals in the garbage… I will be ok only with pumps and hessian boots, autumn is coming, isn’t it?

Sep 11 2007


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Acum cateva zile am fost si eu pe acasa la parinti. Si fiind acasa am avut si ocazia de a ma uita la televizor. Ca acasa in Iasi am doua, dar am si calculator cu internet, de aceea nu prea sunt interesante pentru mine saracele.

Am vazut o noua campanie a celor de la teveu. Renumita campanie “Nu lasa copilul educat de televizor“. Nu am nimic impotriva ei. Este ok. Dar…

1) Propozitia cheie a acestei campanii suna cam ciudat. Adica ar fi sunat mult mai bine : “Nu lasa copilul tau sa fie educat de televizor!” Adica un indemn spre parinte sa-si asume responsabilitatea de parinte, responsabilitate pe care parintii moderni au redus-o la a se spleti ca prostii pentru binele progeniturilor, progenituri care nu apreciaza nici cat negru sub unghie acest lucru, ajungand mai tarziu sa le reproseze : “Din cauza ta am ajuns asa, ca nu mi-ai fost niciodata aproape cand am avut nevoie!” Educatia face mai mult decat niste toale noi. Educatia e ceea ce formeaza un caracter, e ceea ce face un copil sa se descurce in viata, chiar cand nimeni din cei ce l-au ajutat nu mai este. Niste toale si bani de iesit in oras nu fac asta.

2) Sincer… Daca programul televiziunilor este asa de prost si alte alternative nu sunt, ce vreti sa nu mai lasam copii deloc sa se uite la televizor? Cred ca trebuie si o campanie menita sa imbunatateasca grilele de programe ale anumitor televiziuni, nu numai campanii care sa ne educe pe noi, privitorii. Poate ar trebui sa facem noi privitorii o campanie impotriva televiziunilor, sa nu mai promoveze oameni imorali, revoltatori ca fiind vip-uri demne de admirat. Pentru ca asta vad copii la televizor, asta vor sa fie si ei. Poate prostia face rating si se vinde cel mai bine, dar logica este urmatoarea:ridicand standardele, populatia va trebui sa se chinuie sa tina pasul, in loc sa se consoleze in propria-i prostie, aceasta consolare fiind chiar stimulata de televiziunile respective. nu este normal si nici laudabil sa fii prost si incult, este jenant si rusions. Asta ar trebui promovat.(In fine ideea este in coacere, o sa mai postez pe subiectul asta, o sa mai revin alta data pentru ca simt ca o iau pe ulei :) )

Stau si ma gandesc uneori ca Ceausescu a avut motivele lui pentru care a cenzurat televiziunea in halul ala. Tot ce puteai vedea copil fiind, erau inocentele desene cu lupul si iepurasul (“Nu Zaieti Pagadi!!! :) “), un film in care un barbat la 40 de ani cu nevasta bolnava de cancer se indragostea de o femeie mai tanara si se simtea vinovat pentru asta si stirile care mereu prezentau cat de bine o duce tara si unde a mai fost in vizita Ceasescu si nevasta.

Eu am auzit termenul de “viol” in clasa a 4-a si nu stiam ce inseamna. Credeam ca “sex” se refera doar la dotarea cu un anumit organ. Au auzit cuvantul “pula” in clasa a 6-a si nu am folosit niciodata injuraturi cu conotatie sexuala. Si nu sunt calugarita, nici frustrata si nici frigida. Mi-am pierdut virginitatea undeva dupa 18 ani, cand eram studenta si caminista, pentru ca mi s-ar fi parut lipsit de respect fata de parintii mei sa fac sex in casa intretinuta total de ei.

Am fost invatata sa imi folosesc capul si am fost obisnuita sa traiesc cu bani putini. Acum am si bani, mai multi decat mi-am imaginat ca o sa am la varsta asta. Sunt castigati total de mine, iar munca mea nu implica nimic murdar, vulgar sau de care sa ma rusinez pe viitor. Deci am ajuns bine, desi nu am avut parte de Tom si Jerry in copilarie, de calculator si internet, de bani sau sex incepand cu varsta de 13 ani.

Mai nou voi tine si niste ore la facultate, voi fi doar asistenta de laborator deci, nu cred ca voi avea ocazia sa schimb cine stie ce in caracterul studentilor mei. Dar voi fi corecta, severa, impartiala dar si intelegatoare in cazuri extreme. Asa cum orice profesor ar trebui sa fie, asa cum mi-as fi dorit eu sa am profesori.

Acestea fiind zise…mai aberez eu alta data pe tema asta.

[English] Education

A few days ago I went home to visit my parents and I had the “wonderful” occasion to watch Tv. At home, in Iasi I have two Tv’s but I also have a computer connected to internet, so the Tv’s Are not that interesting to me.

On the national television there’s a new campaign going on. It’s a campaign about the education of children, I will translate the name in English but I don’t think I can make it as stupid as in Romanian sounds : Don’t let children educated by the TV! (or maybe I just did :) ) I have nothing against this campaign, it’s ok and I think it’s necessary. But…

1.) The key phrase of this campaign sounds strange. (I translated in English to reflect exactly the way it is in Romanian, so if you think is grammatically incorrect, well in Romanian is too :) ) I think that the name of this campaign should be : “Don’t allow your children to be educated by the TV!” This should sound as a serious advice for the parents to assume their responsibility as parents. Responsibility that modern parents have reduced it to the act of working like stupid machines for the well being of their offspring.Offspring that (very often) don’t even appreciate all their hard work, later arriving to the point of reproaching their parents: “It’s because of you that I’m this way! You were never around when I needed you!” Education does more for your child, than new fancy clothes do. Education is what builds a character, is what teaches a child to live, even when there’s nobody around to help. Some new fancy clothes and money to spend don’t do that.

2.) Honestly, if the Tv programs are so stupid and we have no alternatives, what should we do? Keep the children away from the Tv totally, like the communists did ? I think we neede a campaigns to improve the quality of our programs, not just campaigns to educate us, the watchers. Maybe us, the watchers, should create and sustain a campaign against the Tv companies, not to promote immorality and it’s most outrageous human representatives as being worthy of following role models. Because if that’s what children see, that’s what they’ll become. Maybe stupidity make ratings and sells the best, but here is my logic: lifting up the standards, the population will have to adapt, the population will have to keep up instead of accepting it’s stupidity as a fact, because accepting self stupidity is promoted and stimulated exactly by the Tv companies. It’s not normal and it’s not commendable to be stupid and incult, is in fact embarrassing and hideous. This attitude should be promoted.(Anyway I’m still cooking the idea, I will write about this subject later, I’ll come back another time because I’m deviating too much :))

Sometimes I think that the communist Romanian leader Ceausescu had his reasons for his extreme censoring of Tv programs.As a chils all you could see on Tv were the innocent cartoons with the wolf and the rabbit (”Nu Zaieti Pagadi!!! ) “), a film about a 40 year old man with a very sick wife (cancer ) that falls in love with a younger woman and feels guilty about it and news about how good things are in our country and what company did Ceausescu and his wife visited that week. [TO BE CONTINUED…]

I heard the rape word when I was in fourth grade(9 years old) and I did not know what it meant. I thought “sex” was just about a certain human organ. I heard the word “dick” in sixth grade and I never used bad words with sexual connontation. And I’m not a nun, or frustrated or frigid. I lost my virginity somewhere later than 18 years old, when I was a student living in the campus, because I considered disrespectfully to my parents to have sex in their house, that they have struggled to build and make it a home for me.

I was thought to use my head and I was used to live with little money. Now, I have more money than I ever imagined I’ll have at this age, they’re all won by me and my work does not involve anything dirty, vulgar or anything to be embarrassed about in the future. So I turned out just fine, even if I did not have Tom and Jerry as a child,computer and internet, money or sex starting 13.
Recently i have been offered a job as an assistant at the university where I studied. I don’t think I’ll have the occasion to change anything in the character of my students. But I will be fair,serious, impartial and understanding in extreme cases. This is the way every teacher should be, this is the way I wish my teachers would have been.

All in all … I’ll talk about this another time.

Sep 07 2007


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Astazi este o zi mare. Este ziua in care am decis sa traduc toate posturile mele in engleza pentru ca se pare ca am cititori din toata lumea si nu vreau sa fiu acuzata de dicriminare. :) Incepand de azi voi traduce toate posturile vechi in engleza. Va dura ceva timp, dar intr-un final, cei care au ajuns din greseala pe acest blog si nu au inteles mare lucru, vor putea citi in curand versiunea in engleza a tuturor posturilor mele. Am ales engleza pentru ca este cea mai folosita limba de circulatie internationala si este limba straina pe care o stapanesc cel mai bine.

Today is a big day. It is the day I decided to translate all my posts into English because it seems I have readers from all around the world. So I don’t want to be accused of discriminating anyone. :) Starting from today I will translate all old posts in English. It will take some time, but in the end, the people who ended up on this blog and did not understand too much of it, will be able to read the English version of all my posts. I chose English because is the most used international language and is the foreign language that I know best. (Please be patient if the translation is not available right away… I have a life, you know? :) )

Sep 05 2007

Cand americanu’ nu e la firma …

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Angajatii isi fac de cap…Adica :

– trei oameni si-au permis sa se invarta o zi intreaga ca niste **** intr-o caldare incercand sa faca design-ul unei baze de date.(si eu eram unul dintre ei :) )

– acum seara facem comanda de pizza, plateste firma desigur :D…Datorita faptului ca in firma noastra sexul predominant este cel feminin negocierea a durat mai mult de 30 min. :)

– normal ca nimeni nu a facut cine stie ce azi, dar am discutat liber, s-au tras concluzii si zic eu ziua de astazi a fost una destul de prolifica. :)

Sa tot muncesti asa :)

[English : When the american is not here…]

The employees are doing their stuff…Meaning :

– three people were allowed to practice mint rubbing an entire day trying to design a database.(I was one of them :) )

– now in the evening we’re ordering pizza on company courtesy of course… Because in this company there are more women than men the negotiation took more than 30 minutes. (It’s hard to decide for a woman what pizza wants and from where :) )

– obviously nobody did much today, but we had a lot of free talks, we’ve drawn conclusions and I might even say that this was a really successful day.

This is the way a job should be :)