Jul 08 2009

The right way

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The right way to treat a pedophile.

I wrote it on this blog in romanian, I’ll write it now in English. Pedophiles should not exist. Nowhere in the animal world children are treated this way. Pedophiles are a hideous abnormality of the human society. They are a plague, a disease that needs to be stopped. Prison, castration is not enough, because these practices do not affect the mind. These deviant members of the human society need to be exterminated. Literrally. I consider pedophilia the most hideous crime because it “breakes” a child. And the damage done is irreversible. No army of psychiatrists in this world can “fix” a child after an abuse like this. And because of this, any man or woman that is able to do that to a child deserves nothing more than death.

The guy above was a pedophile that abused and killed an 11 years old child. He was caught and he admitted his deed. So there is no doubt that the man executed was guilty. Before execution he was forced to walk the entire town, so others with the same deviant urges to see what will happen to them if they do not control them selfs. These methods may be considered crude and in contradiction with “The universal declaration of human rights”, but make no mistake, pedophiles are not people, they are not human, they are monsters and they should be treated as such.

I consider it to be a very big disrespect to the victim and the victim’s family, to spend their taxes money¬† for sustaining these monsters in prison or specialised clinics where they are treated for their disease. It’s a waist of many, monsters like these never turn back to human form. But most goverments in the so called civilised world do exactly that. And I consider it a very big offence to the victims, their families and any ordinary tax payer that has children.

More pics here.

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  1. b.m says:

    “So there is no doubt that the man executed was guilty.”

    What the heck are you talking about?! Did you’ve read the full article?

    “He was given the death penalty by a Yemeni court a month later after apparently admitting his crime.”
    “The deeply religious desert country has a poor human rights record and it is unclear if the barber had a fair trial.”

    Maybe you should take a look here before going all fired up with killing people:

  2. Iuliana says:

    The man confessed, that’s what the authorities say. The journalist that wrote the article probably did not have enough information or never saw the recording of that conffession, that’s why the article sounds more like a story.
    “Human rights?” – like I said, pedophiles are not humans.

  3. b.m says:

    Even if you try to disqualify them as humans, they still are. Probably the most horrible, miserable, disgusting kinds of humans that should be locked forever in a cage.

    Anyway, my point is not really to qualify them as humans or not.

    My point is that it’s not normal to kill someone, at the risk of killing them wrongfully. And starting killing people for whatever “legal” reason you want, it’s also going to do a lot of collateral damage to innocent people. This reason alone makes killing not an option in any non-medieval 21st century state.

    Your portrayal as this guy being guilty is based on many assumptions. What if this guy was actually not guilty, but beaten by police and a confession obtained from him Guantanamo style? Wouldn’t all this become kind of a sick show?

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