Sep 20 2015

First time in Făgărași mountains

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This weekend I interrupted my normal routine to go hiking. I have not done this in 3 years and I missed it a lot so when given the opportunity I took it. I really like getting lost in places that civilization hasn’t managed to touch that much. I love the silence, the tranquility of secluded places in the mountains that not that many persons get to reach. In the below image you can see the mountain route in blue. I went there with two friends that knew the mountain better than I did.
Screenshot 2015-09-20 12.29.50





At 06:30 am I woke up and prepared. 2015-09-19 07.21.50
At 09:00 am we started the climb and we found a cute route mark. 2015-09-19 09.10.02-small
Then the city(Sibiu) we left behind became visible. 2015-09-19 10.28.23-small IMG_2171-small
Then, mountain goodies(red bilberries) started to appear. 2015-09-19 12.02.21-small
The view started to change. Look at all that nature that humans were not able to tame. 2015-09-19 14.13.57-small
Finally, the lake became visible. 2015-09-19 14.42.07-small
A few minutes later were this close. 2015-09-19 15.40.36-small
And I did what I love to do when finding cold, clear mountain water. I jumped in. 2015-09-19 14.51.49-small IMG_2203-small IMG_2208-small
And I had the occasion to interact with some really small but curious little fish. They were difficult to photograph because of the sun reflected by the water. 2015-09-19 15.15.41-small
The the going down part started. 2015-09-19 16.11.42-small IMG_2233-small
And we found more mountain goodies.(bluberries) 2015-09-19 16.20.16-small
And this is the final harvest. The mushrooms are called boletus and they are amazing. 2015-09-20 09.56.19-small 2015-09-20 11.44.04-small
The processed harvest. 2015-09-20 12.16.38-small
After 11 hours of climbing rocks my shoes looked like this. 2015-09-20 12.23.41-small

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  1. carlinfan says:

    Wow, Sibiu surroundings are very nice!!

  2. Rpx kicks ass » Year end review says:

    […] the 19th of September I went hiking in Făgărași for the first time. Came back home with 5kgs of boletus, 1 kg of bluberries and a muscular fever […]

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