Nov 12 2015

Free Fallin’

Category: MiscellaneousIuliana @ 22:24

In my TODO before I die list there was one entry that I really wanted to be able to cut from the list. But writing a technical book, while working 8 hours a day does not leave time for anything else. I had no hope in managing to do this too soon. But, it happened, some opportunity has arisen and I took it.

A friend of mine, had another friend that had an uncle… and so on. Long story short, I managed to jump from a plane, from 3500m, with a parachute. And it was fun. I jumped attached to a professional jumper and currently I do not think I will ever be able to do this alone, even with all the training in the world.

How it was? Awesome. Scary at first, because you basically jump out of a plane that is flying 3500m in the air. And you feel yourself falling, you feel the air pushing you, but the force is not enough to stop you from falling. After the initial scare, the adrenaline kicks in and you start enjoying the falling sensation. That’s what I did, that why most of the fall my hands just stand there doing nothing, I was just enjoying the fall. Then the parachute opened and it was paragliding all over again. :)

So yeah, I managed to cut another one from the list. I cut a lot of TODOs from that list this year. It was a good year and I think the best is yet to come. ;) Anyway, this is me falling, flying with my face waving. I guess I need to smile and talk more in order to work my face muscles.

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  1. Iuliana says:

    Exact melodia asta voiam sa o pun ca audio, dar a fost prea mare bataia de cap cu reticentul de youtube. :)

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