May 03 2016

Everybody lies

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everybody_lies_by_ersen_tWe are human, confused and conflicted. We act and think we know why, then we look back and ask ourselves why did we do this or that. Some of us accept the fact that we change, that the reason behind an action does not represent us anymore and if we were to do it all over again, based on the gained experience, sometimes we would choose differently.

But some of us don’t. The core that makes us never changes. Some people have the lie in their blood. They need to get a little creative, to lie just a little to sweeten things up or to make them interesting or dramatic. Or they lie because they are cowards and they try to avoid the consequences of their actions. Or they lie because they are pathological liars, at least these guys have an excuse, they are mentally ill. But some lie because of their narcissism. They hide the true reason of their decisions, because the real reason might make them look small, mean, unkind in the eyes of others.

I know all kind of liars. Until I was 6 years old I was one as well, I was the coward type. I was afraid of the consequences of my actions, so I lied. And I also lied to attract attention. I was a poor child, there was nothing special about me, so I lied about things I read and things I knew. And I  was quite creative too. But a little before or after I turned 6, my parents decided to punish me for one lie. And punished me so bad, that until this day I cannot tell a lie to save my life.

But the worst kind of liar is the one that you think is your friend. A few days ago, by some accident I found out he lied yet again. I guess I could feel the truth, but did not want to believe it until somebody else confirmed it and made it real. I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything different. I already knew he used to lie to other persons important in his life. If I was important, it was only logical for him to lie to me too I guess. And as everything eventually comes to an end, I accepted the fact that this is the end our friendship, although I have my doubts at this point about him ever considering me a friend.

It is a little sad though, day by day, it is becoming more real the fact that I am becoming an adult. The list of friends gets shorter and the friendships that survive the test of years become stronger.

I love you guys.  You know who you are.

Stay  safe, stay happy!

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