Jun 21 2016

Wonderful week

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I had an amazing week. I do not really know where to start so I’ll start with Monday.

Monday, I got on a plane to Frankfurt. The plan was to participate to the developers conference organized by the company I work for. As it was difficult to find an acceptable booking only for the day, “The Company” decided it would not be the worst, if I would be there the whole week. So I got to surprise my manager, who just got back from vacation. The plane took off at 6 in the morning so I had to wake up at 4:00 am. I got to the office in the middle of a crisis which continued for two days. Our client experiences random issues with our product, issues which we cannot freaking reproduce. I could barely wait for the first day to end. I got to the hotel and I intended to sleep. But apparently “The Company” has a partnership with DB which implies free bikes for its employees.  So me and a friend and colleague just got two bikes and went riding through Frankfurt.

On Tuesday, a colleague from the Frankfurt office offered me the chance to participate to the JP Morgan Challenge and I said yes. Of course, the day ended with yet another bike ride.

On Wednesday, after a difficult day I managed to convince my manager to still participate to the JP Morgan Challenge. The run was quite easy (after a a Half Marathon, 5 km is not such a big deal) and the evening ended with a company grill which brought all the colleagues together. No, not bike ride this evening.


On Thursday, the conference happened. On this day I discovered that I was the only one to give two presentations and the only woman doing so. It was quite flattering honestly. My presentations were both after lunch, and it was very smart for the organizers to do so, because with the interesting things, with my optimistic and funny attitude I managed to keep people interested all through their digestion. The pictures are not in yet, I’m sorry for that.

On Friday I got back to Sibiu and a little after midnight a dear friend arrived and we spend an awesome weekend together. I love having friends from afar in my house and showing them this beautiful city I live in.

And now, the cherry on the cake. I went and cut another activity from my TODO list. I went bungee jumping. And jumped from 140m height. How it was? Scary at first, but awesome. And you can see it all in the following video. I know vertical filming is a YouTube sin, but it was a must in this case. And I know you cannot really see me, but you can trust me when I say that the little thing at the end of the cord is me.

This week I got asked a lot if I’m scared: if I’m scared to present in front of so many people, if I’m scared to jump and if I’m scared to fly so often. Of course I’m scared, but life is unpredictable and fear is the reaction to the unexpected. But being scared is not an excuse to stop living.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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