Oct 10 2016

To the last one that broke my heart

Category: English posts,PersonalIuliana @ 12:11

This is your third birthday without me.When we were together I forgot about it twice. The irony is that now that we are not together, I remember it each year. Makes me smile only to think about it.

Now that all the pain is gone, I wish you a happy birthday! May you have a happy day, surrounded by everyone that loves you. Not me though, I’m not part of that team anymore. Actually I really hope all your days will be happy from now on, because you truly deserve it.
Thank you for being part of my life for a little while and teaching me that the priority for me should be me.

2 Responses to “To the last one that broke my heart”

  1. Grammar Nazi says:

    Makes *me* smile…

  2. Iuliana says:

    Thank you.

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