Oct 11 2016

We are all mad in one way or another

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When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut. Why? Because I grew up with positive stories in which good deeds were always compensated with good deeds, in which love was always reciprocal and villains were always punished. The reality was different, my reality was brutal. There were no princesses, no dragons and villains got away most of the times, but there was a promise of hell. Yeah, that made me sleep better.

So I wanted to be an astronaut, I really wanted to leave this bloody planet behind.

Then I grew up and reality has gotten even more unfair. My solution? Get lost in books, dreams and in my own mind. So I decided I wanted to write my stories and share them with the world. That did not work either. Then I thought I could be a doctor and save people and do good deeds like the heroes in my stories. That did not happen either.

I am now an engineer, a software engineer. And although many people might say this is not so great, I know better. My talent and passion to understand how things work, to take them apart, replacing bad parts and put them together again fits so well with my job that it scares me sometimes. I am not the greatest software engineer in the world, I am not the greatest programmer either. As an Architect, I consider myself quite mediocre. But I have this yearning of getting from A to B, this obsession of always finding a solution, that does not go away until the deed is done. There is this fulfillment in finding a solution after a struggle and a lot of research that I can compare it to an orgasm, an intellectual orgasm.

Call me mad, call me workaholic, I really don’t care. I just had three intellectual orgasms today, so I’ m going to bed satisfied. This is what I call an awesome Monday.

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