Oct 05 2018

Iuliana’s miss-happenings

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I’m not good with people. In a way, this is expected from a former(actual?) nerd, so it’s not that bad. But when I am actually interested in dating someone, you can imagine why this is a more than a little inconvenient.

There is a fine line between being sort of unapproachable and tickling the curiosity sense of men and not being interesting at all. I do not know where that line is. And so far I managed to cross it every time and in such a brusque manner, that I still do not understand how I do it, or when, or why!!??

This entry has been waiting in the draft folder for over a year, I cannot for the life of me remember the intention behind writing it. But here we go. Around that time, I had a chat with a friend and she was asking me about the company party, and if I’ve met anyone interesting there. Because this is a bonus of working for a big international company that has offices around the world, big parties where you can meet a lot of new people. And I spilled all the beans and told her I met a guy and totally blew it, by forgetting how to drink beer. Yes, this one of my seduction moves.

In my defense, I sort of moved the glass upward more than I should have because I was so focused on his face and hung up on any word he said, and managed to spill beer on my face in a very obvious way. Beer is good for the skin though, so at least there’s that.  My friend was amused and said that is good because my interest would be obvious in this case, so it should lead to something. I’m not so sure being ridiculous qualifies.

So yeah, dude, in case you did not figure it out at the time, I drenched my face in beer because I was mesmerized by how wonderful you were, not because  I’m overall clumsy and awkward.

And now, the cherry on top… this entry has been in the draft directory that I ‘m not sure who the awesome guy was.

Life is good though!

Stay safe, stay happy! (And it’s Friday, so go party!)

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