Aug 16 2017

The US adventure(part 6): perfect day

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When I was about to start my vacation, I had a few days when I felt like crying. I was so panicked about the unknown, about being one ocean away from any person I know and care about. I was scared that if something happened to me, nobody would know and maybe the US officials would not even have an idea who to call. Fuck, I wouldn’t know who to call in case I would be involved in an accident for example. It’s a scary thought, to realise you are all alone in the world. Sure I do have some friends who would gladly take that call probably, but it seems unfair to burden them with the obligation of being considered family.

I decided to do this, to go for a vacation so far away from anybody I know as a test for me, for my ability of dealing with loneliness. The first night here, when I was driving to an unknown destination, in an unfamiliar car, at night, through heavy rain was terrifying. I was so happy to finally at the hotel, that in that moment I had the feeling I could deal with anything this country will throw at me. Including my own feelings, this was going to be a vacation of relaxation, introspection and personal growth.

Deer in Gunpowder Falls Park

But leaving all that aside, the way to New Castle that I chose was through two points. The Gunpowder Falls State Park and Havre de Grace. In the park I had the occasion to get bitten by some insect again, to take some butterflies photos and see a pack of deer.

Havre de Grace was  not a noticeable experience. I found the piece of beach I was looking for, but it did not look that interesting. So I just grabbed a coffee and a muffin from a local shop and went on to the next city.

New Castle was a pleasant surprise. A small town, clean and cozy, with a small and elegant pier, with free parking, a beautiful park along the shore, friendly people and a cool Belgian tavern. I spent a whole day, just walking up and down the pier and having a non-alcoholic beer in Jessop’s Tavern. I let my mind roam free over the Delaware river, I let my thoughts rest and just enjoyed the sun, the air and the calm atmosphere of this small city. I felt so comfortable there, that when I noticed that the owner of the tavern was hiring, I had an impulse of asking her about it. I had a quick flash of me working there, living a simple life in this small river city, running in the morning in the park on the river shore…

New Castle Pier

A lot of times during this vacation I asked myself why does a simple life attract me so much? Why a person as travelled and as experienced as I am, is fond of small cities and cozy communities, instead of huge cities, with spiced communities that could offer more resources of personal growth? Sometimes I don’t understand myself. I guess I’ll have to answer this question later.

At the end of the day I went to the hotel. The hotel was next to the highway and I was afraid it would be difficult to sleep because of the noise. Surprisingly it wasn’t, because the acoustic isolation was pretty good. And the bigger surprise was that this establishment was a 2 stars motel, but it was better than all the others before. The breakfast was quite rich in options and among them there were bananas and apples. Yey!

I would have spent another day in New Castle, but I researched Philadelphia and I figured out that if I wanted a spot for my car in an overnight parking close to the hotel for the next days, I had to be there early. So, in the morning, I packed my things again and away I went.

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