Aug 18 2017

The US adventure(part 8): and now what?

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After my personal phone died for good, I had to find a solution. Just so you understand, my personal phone was an HTC Mini One 2 and it was the first smartphone I bought for myself, in the summer of 2014 before moving to Sibiu. So, there were some feelings involved. I took extra care of it for a while, but as it happens with humans, they lose interest after a while. It has some nasty falls, but overall it was looking well, the battery was still working fine, needed recharging every 2 days or so, the camera was nice, although it was difficult to take good photos if you did not have enough light. In the summer of 2016 I started playing volleyball with the kids of the house owner and forgot about the phone in my pocket. And it fell again and for the first time, the screen cracked. Not much, I was still able to use it, but it looked bad. So I considered buying a new phone, but then again, I had the company phone which was in pristine shape, why would I bother? I mean, the personal phone, is just so my relatives can find me. It can do that job with a cracked screen as well, right? I also used that phone as an e-book reader, but now I have the iPad, so again, why bother buying a new phone, right? I mean, it would be a waste of money in this context…

When I went to US, my colleagues sad I should go to Best Buy and buy all the electronic devices I want because they are really cheap there. But there was really not much I needed. Well, not until I got to US and noticed I really needed something that at least resembles a computer, and not until my personal phone died. It was ridiculous really, it was like that phone found the most appropriate time to die, when I was in a country where I could get a cool phone way cheaper than in Romania. Thus, I searched for the Best Buy closest to my hotel. It was 1 hour away in walking distance. Sure, I could have taken a bus or taken the car out for a drive, but as I saw on the map that the walk was along the pier, I just started walking. Until I got there, I analysed the Best Buy site and decided what kind of phone I wanted, and since I was getting a new phone, I added in a case and screen protector as well. Samsung Galaxy 8+ was on sale, the price was reduced with 150$, add a case and screen protector, add 8% tax and it amounted to 800 dollars, still cheaper than in Romania. So I just went there and got it. I went back to the hotel and started playing with it. It truly is a wonderful device. I was reluctant to pay that much for a phone, but damn it was worth it.

The next day it was the big day, my birthday and the John Mayer concert. Honestly, I had no idea what to do with that day, because there was little I could think of aside the fact that I was going to listen to John Mayer sing live. So I just went down to the pier to get myself a ferry ticket to Camden and back, and after that I just had another walk in the city, along the Market St.

After I got back to the hotel, I was so tired because of all the walking in the sun, that I just lay on the bed and managed to fall asleep. I woke up at 04:00PM, the ferry was leaving at 05:00PM, so I showered quickly, put a red dress on and ran to the concert. Obviously I got there earlier, so I had a short walk along the Camden pier and took some photographs. And then admission started. I managed to find my place and occupy it. The BB&T Pavilion is huge. My seat was on the left of the scene, but it was better then nothing. There was a country band playing in the opening. I don’t remember them saying their name. They were good, but not John Mayer good. Even before they started playing the weather got really bad. The sky was dark, there was a lot of lighting and thunder and then the rain started to pour. Just like the Filene Center in Vienna, the BB&T Pavilion has seats in the covered section. And a big lawn outside the seating area on which people can stay and have a picnic while being at the concert. People were scared, but John Mayer did not start to sing before the rain stopped, and when he did the lawn as full of people standing, so… no picnics.

He started the concert with Helpless, out of the blue, the lights just turned on the scene and he started singing. I watched him and listened to his music mesmerised for more than two hours. He does not interact with the people during his concerts through anything else than his music. No getting down in the public, no touching hands, just good, amazing music. He was wearing a shirt with floral motives and long pants. He was wearing his playful smile and exchanged guitars a lot. I’ve focused all my senses to record everything about that concert.

First of all I could not believe I was there. I never dared to dream of witnessing his musical greatness first-hand. Even after I bought the ticket, I had the sensation that this cannot be. I was expecting to miss a plane, or something unexpected to happen and prevent me from being there somehow. But the moment the lights came on and saw him on the scene, my heart stopped for a moment. There he was, then man whose music I simply adore, the man who gave this world “Gravity” and “Edge of desire”. He was as talented and dedicated to his music as I’ve imagined him to be. He was playing his guitar and you could see him get lost in his own art from time to time, he would close his eyes, and make these funny faces, as if the guitar sound was pouring out right from his soul. I truly believe that this guy is one of the best guitar players of this century and I am so lucky I got the witness his genius play up close.

Honestly, the rest of the year was a long waiting for this moment. After the concert ended, I was sort of puzzled. What am I going to do with my life now? What is the next thing that I want, or I need so much as to plan ahead and go through all the steps and solve every quest until the achievement is unlocked? I still have this sensation, now that I got to hear one of the greatest guitarists of this world play live, what more can life offer me, really? Because this night I feel like I was given more than I will ever deserve… And yes, the quality of the pictures is shit, I know.

I took the ferry back and got back to the hotel. I layed in my bed, looking at the pictures and replaying the concert in my mind. This was the epitome of my happiness. Honestly, it cannot go higher from this. I don’t see how.

The next morning I got up and packed up everything again and hit the road. I had a full day to get back to Washington Dulles airport, so I could fly to South Carolina for a beach tour. You know that a concert was epic when the next day you are still playing the songs in your mind and your eyes get tearful. Mine did all the way back to Washington.

Happy birthday to me!

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