Aug 19 2017

The US adventure(part 9): getting my feet wet in the Atlantic Ocean

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So that was my birthday, now gone and the John Mayer concert too. Gone were the wishes of happiness and success and all the best the world has to offer. While driving back to Washington, they all seemed so far in the past that was scary. Time perception is a weird thing.

Before heading off the Washington, I went to Atlantic City, because honestly I just could not stand the feeling of knowing I was so close to the ocean and not getting my feet wet in it. Atlantic City is not that interesting in itself, a lot of hotels, casinos and other tourist attractions. But the beach was awesome and the sand felt silky under my feet. So yeah, I just drove 62 miles just to stay with my feet in the ocean water for 30 minutes.

After that I just jumped in the car amnd made one stop in resting place along the highway, where I put some gas and got some food.

Around 07:00 PM I was at the rental car office giving back the jeep and after that I made my way through the airport to the domestic terminal for my flight to Atlanta.

In total, between the 11th and 19th of August I have driven through US for 1097 miles. I would have expected to be more, but oh well.

At check in I found out that American Economy is not the same as European Economy, apparently there is no 23kg baggage included. But then again 25$ was not that much. There was a woman in the airport that had the job to help people check in. She took my bag, scanned my passport, tagged my bag, gave me my ticket and then directed me towards my gate, although I was in the “self checkin” area. At first I felt weird about it – her just taking over I mean, but then again, this was her job I guess, so I allowed her to do everything for me.

I had enough time before flying to have a proper meal, so I made a mistake. I asked for a Cesar salad. US has big portions, but damn, that salad was huge. Of course I could not finish it and of course it messed up my stomach. Because this is how it works, if it is grilled or fried, most things that could mess up your digestion are already dead, but on salad as that does not apply. So the next day, I spent about five hours in the Atlanta Botanical Garden, hanging out really close to the restrooms.

But before that, there are two other things that are worth mentioning. When I landed in Atlanta I almost took an uber to the car rental office, because there was no indication how to get there from the airport. On Google it said I had to take the sky train, but there was no indication regarding that either. I just gave it one more try, and took one more spin around the airport and I found some arrows directing people to car rental office, but the damn “sky train” was not mentioned anywhere. But surely enough the arrows pointing to the car rental took me directly to the sky train. After getting there I payed and went to the parking lot to choose myself a car. Because there was no car in the category I chose, I was allowed to choose which car I wanted from the superior category, and surprise – the same type of Jeep was there, but I decided to go with a Ford Escape as I’ve never driven a Ford before.

And so, the second part of my US adventure began.

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