Aug 20 2017

The US adventure(part 10): sleeping in “the hood” and flowers

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Driving to the motel was easy. I had intentionally picked a motel close to the airport, because I was going to land after midnight and I did not want to drive too much to a bed or struggle with finding a parking spot for my car. The driving was the easy part. Stopping the wipers of the car, that I activated by mistake was a different matter. I tried all positions that seemed to do it, but no, the wipers were still moving once a minute. I got to the motel and I was scared again. The area looked really shady. Maybe because it was night, maybe because it looked really dirty, I really do not know. But when I was finally in my room with my bags and with my door locked, I was finally able to relax. I took a quick shower, I put on my pyjamas and that was that.

At 9 I was out the door and on my way to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Honestly, the area did not look that shady in the morning. I drove to the garden with the wipers on, still on that weird setting that made them move once a minute. Although I took the car manual with me in the motel room, I was not able to find clear instructions on how to turn them off and the internet was nice enough to get me paranoid about the extra-sensitive rain sensor, so I was quite convinced the sensor was broken. I even asked on Facebook how to turn the damn sensor off, I even considered taking the car back, but I was 90% convinced I was doing something wrong. So, putting aside all the jokes about removing the windshield altogether, before leaving the garden, I gave it one more try. Well, more than one. I tried every combination of inert settings possible for the wipers, waiting one minute after each setting to see if they still move. And at some point, they stopped. Victory!

Anyway, back to the garden. My surprise after getting there was to discover that Switchfoot and Lifehouse were singing there that night. I don’t know if I mentioned, but they were singing in Baltimore on the 15th – when I was there. Seriously, I should have payed more attention to their tour dates and at least gotten tickets because apparently I was an accidental groupie, or stalker, whichever you prefer. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a magical place. It is about 30 acres in size( 12 ha) and has everything from orchids to cactuses. Their greenhouses are amazing and their overall arrangements are too.

I managed to finish visiting the garden around 04:00 PM when they were already chasing people out to prepare for the concert. There was nothing more to do for me there so I started towards Augusta.

By the way, shortly after I arrived to US I found out that there was going to be a full solar eclipse on the 21st of August. Americans have been preparing for this event for more than a year, and people were migrating from all the states to some of the cities that would have the complete eclipse experience. This made traffic hellish and also…this meant it would be impossible for me to buy some eclipse glasses. But … I managed.

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