Aug 23 2017

The US adventure(part 13): beach day

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For this vacation I had one beach day planned, the 23rd of August. So in the morning, I got dressed into my beach attire, checked out from the hotel and moved my ass to the beach. Parking+beach chair=45$, so if I see “free” written somewhere one more time I’ll kill somebody.

Anyway, I’ve made myself comfortable, covered my body with sunscreen and I just enjoyed a full day of doing nothing. From time to time I took a break to play in the ocean. My chair was next to the lifeguard, so I could not swim too much because apparently the rule is for the water to not go over your knee. Oh well…

It was a really relaxing day, just listening to the waves, playing in the sand and in the water. At that moment I wished I could have stayed one more day, but the plan was already done, I had to be in Kings Mountain that night and I had a 4 hour drive ahead of me.

Iuliana Cosmina on the beach

Hey, this s not how a lifeguard looks like, I’ve seen Baywatch, you know??

While laying there on the beach I thought of all the things that happened to me to get me there. I tried exercising my creativity on what will I do after I get back home. It all seems so fuzzy to me now. There is no other plan. The book is done, still there are some grammar corrections to be done, but oh well. I’ve seen John Mayer sing live. What else is there now? There is one thing that I can’t wrap my head around. For a while now I have these thoughts about life, about how we are wasting it by working, instead of living. And we have one life to live and is so short and it can end in any moment! We are smarter now than we have ever been, we have so many types of resources, we should have been able by now to delegate all our work to robots, switch to a smaller work day, a general fixed default income for everyone and more time to live. Because all we do now is work to survive, but the world is big and full of wonders, and our work keeps us rooted in one place and keeps us from experiencing them all. And it’s not fair. It’s just not fair. So I want somehow to take the first steps in that direction, for me and maybe for others. I’m not even sure where to start and how, but I’ll find a way, I’ll just have to think and think and think until I’ll find my idea, my starting point. I know now for sure I do have the brains for it.

After the day ended, I went out with him again. I’m not sure he knows it is impossible for me to say “no” to him at the moment. We had a sushi dinner and he was joking and being relaxed and happy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him happy. I wanted to hug him, to tell him I am so happy to see him wearing that genuine smile. But I just don’t know how to talk to him, and maybe what terrifies me is not the way he is, but the way I am around him.

I left two hours later than I should have. And I drove at night through one of the ugliest storms I have ever seen. And I almost hit a deer. When I reached Kings Mountain I was still tormented, by his face, by his smile, by the near collision I had with that bloody deer and by the monsoon I just driven through. This country is weird, everything is bigger, sweeter, stronger and more intense here. These people live in a superlative world, there hardly is any moderation in anything. I’m not sure this is the right way to live. But they sure seem happier and more confident than Europeans, so they are doing something well apparently.

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