Aug 24 2017

The US adventure(part 14): back in Atlanta

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In Kings Mountain I had a smoker room, I either booked it by mistake, or I booked it out of necessity, because there was nothing else, but the lady at the reception was so nice and did not give up until I allowed her to use some indoor aromatic spray in a desperate try to mask the burned tobacco stench. I unpacked a few minimum things and had a shower, then drifted off to sleep. This motel was next to a highway and judging by the multitude of trucks parked around it, it was a trucker hotel. As a consequence I got woken up around five or six in the morning but a few angry truck engines. But I was really tired and I went back to sleep for two more hours.

I left Kings Mountain and headed for Atlanta again. To my surprise in two hours I was there so I just parked my car into a public parking and started asking Google what more could I do in Atlanta. There were a few things on the list, but one of them, that was also recommended by some friends on Facebook was to go to the Coca-Cola museum. So I did, although the aquarium was more appealing to me, but then again how many aquariums can you visit in a lifetime? :))

So there I was breaking my healthy habit of avoiding sweets and drinking quite a few types of Coca-Cola drinks. The one I liked the best was something called Lighter Ginger I think, and it was sold by Coca-Cola in Zimbabwe. Otherwise, all the drinks were so sweet I was scared I might puke at some point. Aside from offering you the possibility to taste every drink Coca-Cola sells around the world, you can also view their most successful commercials, learn about the history of the Coca-Cola company and about their marketing failures. It was quite interesting honestly, but I doubt it was 18.5$ worth.

After I got out of there I really needed some real food. And Google helped yet again, by recommending a Jazz restaurant called Ray’s In The City. The reviews promised great steaks and good music. And it was delivered to me. After leaving there I had a long walk through the Centennial Olympic Park, then I stopped and just lay there on the grass pondering some more. Did I really had to leave? Should I have left him so quickly? Should I abandon my cozy mountain city and take my chance in this world I just discovered? My daily reverie was interrupted by a reddish ant that just stuck its teeth in my skin. The price for such an offence was death by squishing. That pinch brought me back to reality. It is what it is, what was done was done, let’s prepare for what’s to come! Whatever that may be, I will be ready.

So I got up, and slowly walked to the parking lot where my car was. Yet another 10$ going to the Atlanta city budget. I got in, and started driving towards the motel close to the airport where I’ve slept before, when coming over. If the last time I arrived at night, and everything seemed dirty and creepy, but turned out to be quite ok, now the experience was reversed. In the daylight everything seems clean and shiny, there were some jolly people playing with their kids in the pool. But when the night came the problems started. First there were a lot of voices on the hallway. Then, there was a bug just strolling through my bed, without a care in the world. The punishment for this was also death by intoxication this time, and then squishing.

I also had a panic attack again. I really did not feel like going back home. After having the most amazing vacation of my life, how could I go?

And then he called. And we talked cca. one hour and a half. It was nice hearing his voice and I almost started missing him. But there was time for that when I’ll be at home, right then I just wanted to feel connected to him for another few moments. He wants to stay here, he wants to get this done legally, I really hope he succeeds, although this means I will probably never see him again. But maybe this is for the best, because he fits here, with is charm and ability to make people trust him, he is in his element. Everybody is as seduced by him as I am, only I … I resent being charmed for no reason, or not knowing the reason. :))

Later the next wall neighbours were watching movies all night with the sound quite loud. Oh well, it was a constant sound so I adapted and slept. My plan was to wake up at 7:00AM, be at the car rental by 8:00AM to give the Ford back, by 8:30AM I would be at the airport and so on.

But, at 5:45AM the fire alarm started. I got so scared I did not know what to do. Plus, even if the sleepless shitheads managed to set something on fire, I was not about to leave all my belongings and just run outside. So I started packing really fast. In 5 minutes the alarm stopped, so it was probably a malfunction, but I was already 90% ready to go. I was not going to spend another minute in that shithole. So I just left, dropped the car and I managed to still have time for a serious breakfast.

And in case you were wondering, I drove through South Carolina for another 1021 miles.

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