Aug 26 2017

The long way back

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In the Atlanta airport I met Kyle, that is a half Irishman, half Scottish American. I should have figured out his origins by the fact that he started his day with three Bloody Mary drinks. We had a nice chat about people work ethic and mountains. I then boarded the plane and wrote one of the entries for this blog. I think I also slept a little. I can tell you for sure that time flew as well, because the time to land came quite quickly.

In Washington Dulles I had a lot of time to spend, because on the way back is when the time zone difference causes a lot of trouble. Back to Europe I was flying with United Airlines which is a more lower cost version of Lufthansa with a crappy site that did not allow me to check in and choose my own seats. So I ended up in 45 E, between a handsome Russian and a nice English woman.

I went through all the customs and flying formalities and here I was with only one bag and a lot of time on my hands. So I stopped in a bar and asked for a beer and a meal and went back to blogging. I keep hoping that when I get home I will have other subjects to write about, so I want to finish all vacation entries before I come back. Also I just do not want to risk forgetting more of the thoughts I am having now.

By the time I had to board, entries up to and including the 21st of August were already done. Then, because the movies and TV series provided by United presented no interest to me, I continued blogging. And now here I am, seven hours later, almost all entries are done. What they are missing are some pictures, maybe. But aside from that all the data is in. I have about seven hours of wait in Munich. That is where all the entries will be polished and then published on the blog. I will get home at 06:00PM, so I’ll have just enough time to take a long bath, watch Game of Thrones and console the cat for my absence. Then I will doze off to sleep and I will wake up into my routine weekend life.

It is weird how wasting so much time in airports does not feel so bad. I was expecting to get crazy bored. I guess blogging can be quite time consuming, especially the way I do it. Honestly, I doubt somebody will actually read all my crazy and boring thoughts. But who knows, maybe in some other part of the world there is a stranger or a friend stuck for hours in an airport. And they do not have a blog, or are not as passionate about writing as I am, but they are passionate about reading. So here it is, enough material to kill a few hours. You are welcome.

And since I still have some time left, I’ll add something about long flights. My surprise when first going to US was that during an eight hour flight, the flight company personnel is currently doing something to keep you from getting bored. Although flying Economy, I do not think one hour passed without being served some treat or some beverage. Plus, there are a lot of announcements, regarding weather, turbulence, height that we are flying at, speed and so on. This is nice, keeps you from getting bored. But you know what else? Keeps you from sleeping. So if you are a person like me, that whenever gets some time to kill dozes off quickly in order to recover lost sleep or overcharge the batteries for times to come when there will be a shortage of sleep, you will hate long flights, because it will be quite difficult, if not impossible to sleep.

Another funny thing that I haven’t mentioned until now because I did not know where in the context of this entry would fit, was the fact that the United plane I’m flying over to Munich with needed a restart before we took off, because of a maintenance problem. Of course restarting a plane is not like restarting Windows, it takes a lot more time. I could first listen to the engines going to a full stop, then it took about 5 minutes for them to start again. And when the engines started, the operating systems on the computers in the chairs restarted too. And to my surprise they had some kind of Linux on them. So yeah, next time somebody says Linux is not a user friendly operating system I have a very good and real comeback. But now I’m seriously wondering what other operating systems these guys are using for cockpit utilities. Because I highly doubt they are using Windows, no mater how much I would like to joke and say that the restart the plane required for a problem to be fixed totally justifies this. :))

Currently I am in the Munich airport having a coffee and a croissant. I mentioned here before that Americans have no limits when it comes to indulging into stuff. One thing that bugged me a lot in the US is how everywhere you would go, inside it had to be cold, about 18 Celsius degrees cold. I understand the weather is hot outside, but… for fuck sake, just adapt a little, keep it cooler, but not freaking cold! Plus all that electricity wasted on those immense and noisy air conditioning machines… I mean, seriously, is electricity that cheap over there?

And if we are talking about indulgence, how much or what are those guys eating over there? People are big in sizes compared to most Europeans, and not only that the body constitution and proportions are different. I will mention the weight problems, I cannot avoid this. There were people so overweight(let’s tell it like it is, they were fat ok?) I was wondering how the hell they were moving around, because as an engineer I could not understand or explain for the life of me how their bone structure and joints can handle all that meat. And I don’t get it. I only put three kilograms and I could already noticed shortage of breath and clothes not fitting me well, I cannot imagine how you do not notice your body changing shape in such a way that you look like a mutant. And ok, maybe you cannot notice yourself, but if you have kids, why would you condemn them to the same fate?

Honestly, while I was out and walking the streets I kept wondering where those sexy Americans that you see in all Hollywood movies are. I mean, not all sexy Americans become actors, right? There had to be some of them walking the streets. And then I had a realisation: most actors are expats from UK, other EU countries and South Africa. So there it is, there might actually not be that many sexy Americans. Except John Mayer though, he is definetly sexy. :D

Enough crazy thoughts, do not take the above to seriously, except for the John Mayer affirmation, that has to be taken very seriously. :D

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