Dec 07 2017

Experience cloud

Category: MiscellaneousIuliana @ 11:12

I created this for a presentation about my experience and skills and I thought it belongs here.

The word cloud above covers all my 11 years of development so far and clearly reveals which topics I am best at. Although I always wished myself to become an agnostic developer, also known as a polyglot developer, after all these years I have to accept the fact that Java & Spring are clearly my strongest points.

Where should I go from now? Well… I have considered learning Kotlin for a while. ;)

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2 Responses to “Experience cloud”

  1. Matei Suica says:

    Totally recommend Kotlin

  2. Alex Gifei says:

    I’m trying Python once in a while. It’s good for prototyping and that’s about it. C++ is nice these days too with latest additions (C++11/C++17). We were looking into chatscript’s NLP which is written in C++ and it’s amazing how efficient it is compared to Standford’s Java.
    I think that knowing a statically typed and a dynamically typed language is a good combo.

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