Dec 17 2017

About sexual harassment

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I did not want to write about this until the scandals toned down a little because it would have looked like I was “milking the cow”. But I need to address this because surprisingly I did not read anywhere an opinion similar to mine and I wonder why there not many people with a similar view.

If you take the sexuality element from the sexual harassment, all you are left with are some bullies, some sad individuals, that feel pleasure in making other people feel weak and in hurting them. Or in taking advantage of other people’s weakness. And unfortunately, most women are weaker, because this is how our species has evolved. We do have more feeble bodies and stronger minds. Because well, you need that in order to deal with shit that people stronger than you will do to you.

If we take the sexual element from sexual harassment and look at the bigger picture, we are left with a disturbing culture, in which strong individuals are allowed to treat weak individuals like shit. The bullies were raised by some parents that did not educate them properly in the civil spirit that humanity prouds itself with. Unfortunately, education and respect for any human being could control this kind of behaviour. And I say unfortunately, because education is something that is not prioritized in most countries.

The most ridiculous thing is this world is that we have religions, we have so many of them, and any religion in this world has a basic rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” I can’t imagine that being sexually harassed and raped, is what Weinstein, Trump and others are actually what they desire done unto them.

The downside of all these scandals is that we might see gestures like stealing a kiss disappearing, because no man or woman will ever try this for fear of being accused of sexual harassment. The upside is that we currently have a generation growing up with a new sexual conduct that will lead to a lot more sane relationships. And sane relationships might mean more educated children, that will become more sane adults.

I really hope I will still be here to see it.

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  1. Bjørn says:

    A very interesting statement and absolutely true. Sadly, I’m not as optimistic in the coming generations as you are. The original human in it’s core is a parasite, that lives on the expense of other beings, including humans. It is the human nature to exploit all accessible resources, are they plants or living beings. A look back in human history proves this. And there are far to few people that are intellectually able to see, what you so clearly put into words. But hopefully at least those people educate their children in the way you described.
    What moved me very much in your post was that you mentioned the disappearance of kindness in our world (“stealing a kiss” you wrote). I had a very sad experience last summer. I left a train that brought me home from work and there was this young girl. She was about 11 or 12 years old. Just like my son. Rain was pouring from the sky and that poor girl had to go home by bike. She was soaking wet before she arrived it. I had a great deal of fatherly feelings and thought “you have a big car, her bike easily fits in the trunk. Drive her home.” But just before I started to go to her, I thought “are you f@*king crazy?! You cannot talk to a small girl you do not know, let alone suggest to get in your car.”
    Humankind made it to destroy kindness for each other by behaving like it does. I hope you are right with your last sentence, that in some time, we might see it come to a better end.

  2. Iuliana says:

    I think Mahatma Gandhi said: be the change you want to see in the world. I will do my best to be nice and kind, inspire others to do the same and hope. It is all we have.

  3. Bjørn says:

    Wise man, Mahatma Gandhi ;). You’re right, that’s all we have.

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