May 19 2018

On hating the boss

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I am known to be a blunt person. Diplomacy does not come natural to me, and I treat others the same I expect to be treated. And I am quite resilient, and used to blunt talk, after all I’m a woman engineer in a domain of mostly men. So if I’m doing something wrong, please tell me and give me the proper arguments so maybe I can understand why you think that and I reach the same conclusion. I am a blunt person, because I do not like wasting time. Telling me a story, wrapping up negative feedback in fancy words annoys me. In a professional environment I expect that there are rules I must follow and that my tasks are specified clearly. Sure, there should be room for creativity and innovation, but almost any job is defined by a set of clearly defined activities. I need the boundaries specified clearly, because it is in my interest as well to respect them.

There is nothing that makes me more uncomfortable than hearing “You are doing a great job, and to do even better you have to improve the following…”. Sure, the magical but was avoided, but in my mind it is there, because you just told me that I need to get better, thus, the conclusion is that I am not good enough. And no human being wants to feel inadequate at their job.

I go for and prefer the direct way. If you managed to get the job, you are an adult and expect to be treated like one. Sure, it hurts finding out that you are not doing your job as well as you thought you did, but to overcome limitations it is imperative to know them and if you were unable to determine them yourself, just be grateful to the person opening your eyes. It’s ok to feel offended and defensive in the beginning, but after the rage is gone, and after you cried your eyes out, you have new information to help you adjust your plan to get that promotion.

And if you are working in a big company, which seems to have a generic and sort-of abstract review process, and you do not work in the same office with your direct reviewer (lead/manager), be very aware that if you do not keep track of your achievements, nobody else will, and when review time comes, your achievements might be lost through the cracks.

So stop getting offended and hating your bosses(reviewers), unless they are being unfair to you and obviously having something personal against you, all they are doing is making sure the company profit of your work is maximum and they can further justify the budget invested in you to their bosses. Even if you do not feel like an adult most of the times (I know for sure I don’t) just try to act like one.(I know I do)

Stay safe, stay happy!

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