May 27 2018

This should not be “a thing”

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It should be illegal for a site to provide you a trial membership, but to ask for a credit card, that will be used automatically to pay the membership in case you do not cancel it. This happened to me with Audible. I tried their service, for then minutes, then forgot all about it. The credit card I set up for them got blocked a few weeks ago because of an incident, but being an Amazon company, they decided to bill me this month, because I forgot to cancel the bloody subscription and used the credit card I had registered at Amazon. :|

I know that you pay for your stupidity, I just did. But it seems a little perverse and mean, to provide a service as a trial, but then not even send am email to the user to remind him or her, that they will be billed for it, even if they liked it or not, unless they cancel their subscription. This is also cruel, because maybe within 30 days since I subscribed for that trial, if I would have ended up in the position where those 14$ would be the last money I have,  instead of just buying food for me and my cat, I would have just gotten the wonderful opportunity to listen to books.

Services like this should not be allowed to exist. What good is GDPR if my lack of attentiveness can be exploited?

In a fair world, I would be allowed to try the service and then make a decision for myself if I want to pay for it or not. The fact that I decided to pay for it would be an acknowledgement of the quality/utility of that service as well. Otherwise, is just this big company fooling me into paying for a service that I barely had the time to evaluate and definitely do not have the time for. Because I do think Audible is a great idea and it is really practical, but not for me. And I just got tricked into paying subscription for a month, after the trial ended.

And I repeat, I accept the fact that I payed for my stupidity, but it doesn’t make me feel any better. And if I ever have time for a service like the one Audible is offering, in the future I will not choose Audible just because of this incident.

The conclusion of this post: just pay very much attention with services that promise you free stuff during the trial period. It might not be so free after all.

So, -1 vote from me Audible/Amazon. I just cancelled my subscription.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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