Jul 30 2009

Sweet dreams!

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The title is “Sweet Dreams!” bit it’s a total irony. What I want to write about today is weird dreams. But not weird the way you might imagine it. IT weird. :D

When I go out for a beer with my colleagues, we laugh a lot, we make fun about our lifes, jobs, boyfriends or girlfriends. But sometimes we share our most strangest dreams. From all the weird and funny dreams I heard, two of them need to be written here, i just feel the need to share them with the world. :D

This one I heard recently, one friend of mine dreamed he was killing people…by turning them into XML.

The other one, until today I think is the most interesting, funny and stragest dream ever. One of my ex-colleagues told as one night that he dreamed himself as being a browser and an user was tring to load a certain page, but did not have patience, so it was pressing the Refresh button, or F5 button on the keyboard, or he introduced the link and then press Enter. And the guy tells us that he woke up all tired and waisted because that bloody user tortured him all night.

You’re welcome to try to make my list bigger. :D


3 Responses to “Sweet dreams!”

  1. b.m says:

    I dreamed one day that I was in the office and I was a sysadmin. And the company just bought these brand new SUN servers and a huge rack, and I was supposed to install them. Beautiful pieces of machinery – I was really thrilled. I was trying to put those servers on the rack and assemble them, but there were too many cables, and I didn’t knew how to wire all of them. And the hours went by, and the bosses would come and ask me when it will be finished. And everything was so tangled, I had no clue what to do next. Eventually I got up in the middle of the night all sweaty, and decided I really need a break from programming :).

  2. b.m says:

    Ah and another one, after playing for 16 hours or so continuously Quake 1, I’ve dreamed I am playing (surprise, surprise) Quake 1. It was so real, that when I woke up, I would still remember the grenade sounds from the walls and the nailing gun. At least in my dreams I was playing quite decent :D

  3. a says:

    regarding xml, after a about 36 hours of beeing awake i took a 20 minutes nap and i dreamed about what i have to do when i wake up. everything was arranged in xml format and surprisingly XSD compliant …

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