May 31 2018

And we have liftoff

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Yesterday I said goodbye to my best friends and to the wonderful cozy mountain city of Sibiu. While taking off I started thinking of all the good times I had there, of all the wonderful people I’ve met and that is when I broke. Yes guys, there were tears, quite a lot of them.

I almost finish reading a book during the flight and when I landed in Edinburgh, I took a deep breath and start planning. There was a plan and a list of all the things to do before I left. I managed to go through all of those steps. Aside from getting the cat over here and transport of my last 5 boxes with stuff and the piano, everything else was taken care of. Well, the cat is taken care of too, since I found somebody to take care of it and make sure she is safely delivered to the company that will get her to me.

Most of the things I have to do here, are already part of a plan as well, an the first item of the list is finding a place to rent. After letting agents ignoring my email, or cancelling viewing because the properties were rented, or dropping me altogether when I mentioned the cat, today I  was given a drop of hope. Two of them actually. So tomorrow I will be viewing a 2 bedroom apartment that allows pets and  that is quite close to where I will start working and a one bedroom apartment for which letting agent just scheduled for me without asking about pets. :D So finger crossed there.

So let me tell you how my day went yesterday, I mean it is after all my first day as a UK resident in Edinburgh. The last two times I was just here as a visitor. Now I’m here to stay.

So, I got off the plane. I had two big bags, one of 20 kg, one of 24, a small bag, of 8-10 kg, the knapsack with the Mac and my small bag. In the airport all was fine, as there are carts to move your luggage around. After getting on the bus, that’s when I started panicking, because if I missed my bus station, there was no way I could walk with all the bags. And what I feared happened, I missed the bus station. So I got off with my bags with the help of a nice Scotsman, that also helped me get on the bus. And there I was in front of the Hilton hotel with my bags contemplating how to walk 16 minutes with my bags, because no matter how good an engineer I am, there was no way to stack them without the proper tools. So I did what every hipster does, I called an Uber. and -10 punds later, I was in front of the flat. I found the lock-box in which my keys were, introduced the code, got the keys and then the lock-box fell apart. I kid you not, it was split into three parts. I was looking at it and I was like: ” Are you f**ing kidding me? First day as a resident and I already broke something? No wonder people hate immigrants!” I managed to put the lock-box back together, not a safe way to keep keys to a building, but oh well.

I opened the door to the building, and the hallway shocked me. It looked like somebody has pissed and slept it there. Well, considering the information that would be brought to my attention later, that might have been a real possibility. But bear with me. It’s not as bad as it seems. I pushed my bags into the flat and I was so happy it was at ground level. The flat was clean and spacious. And stacked full with tea and corn flakes. The wifi was quite good as well. I took some things out of the bags, I made a list with things I needed to buy and headed off looking for a supermarket.

When I exited the building I noticed that the door was not closing. It was supposed to automatically lock when the door was closed only it did not. I locked it manually, using the key I was given.  I found a Tesco express and bought some healthy food, some vegetables for a salad, a device for spreading perfume in the room(because the flat smelled funny) and … a Rekorderlig cider.

The funny thing there is a sign on the door telling people to stop smashing the door, but I guess signs are passive-aggressive so people just ignore them. I made my own sign and stuck it on the door. And I wrote on it that the lock is broken and smashing the door won’t help. Yes, more passive-aggressiveness.  So yeah, if people smash the door, but don’t check if the door is closed, no wonder that maybe some homeless person sleeps here sometimes. After the sign was fixed, I needed to clean the hallway a little. You might think that this is crazy, but here is my theory. When people walk in a clean place, they are more reluctant to trash it. So yeah, although it was not my job or responsibility to clean the hallway, I am going to live here for three weeks, and damn if I will walk through that dirty hallway every day! I’ll get bloody depressed if I do. So yeah, I just got some detergent I found under my sink, thew a little in the hallway, two cups of water and 10 minutes later the hallway was clean and smelling like lemons.

After that I just set up my work desk, took a long bath then went to sleep, because the flat is in a area that is not really noisy. And I slept until one of my neighbours smashed the door. Just great, welcome to Edinburgh!

Stay safe, stay happy!


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