Jun 20 2018

You gotta go to the city

Category: MiscellaneousIuliana @ 1:59

One of the things I am being asked often by people at home, friends and family, since I moved here is if I’m going out. Like the fact that I was not going out while in my country, had anything to do with the country. Well, the answer is yes, I am going out. I am definitely going out more than I was going out in Romania, but this is because I have a home to set up and a new city I need to learn to get around. But I’m not going out to bars and clubs because this is not what I do. I’m just looking for shops and taking different buses. But at some point I plan to go to a bar here and there, but right now I don’t have the time. I am alone trying to set up a house, writing a book and adapting to a new job that is different than any other job I’ve had before. Also, I am losing two hours daily on the bus, I am cooking for myself, I am running a little because I want to try to keep myself as fit as possible. And, I do not have a car anymore, so my mobility is restricted. I plan to fix this though, but this also takes time. So, when should I go out?

I am not on vacation here, I moved here. I cannot wait to explore this beautiful city and this beautiful country, but right now I have other priorities. So, no my dears, I am not going out, not going to the city. I am going to work, then going home, to my cat and my book and since yesterday, to my piano. But I promise you, I will go out. Someday! ;)

Stay safe, stay happy!

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