Aug 08 2018

Censoring rage

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A month ago I got myself a new addiction: Netflix. The relationship between me and Netflix is a love-hate relationship. I’ve got it for a month and intended to discontinue, because I know how addictive it is. But I ended up keeping it because of an awesome Finish detective series called Bordertown. And then I realized that British series might be useful to me in improving my accent. So, oh well  5.99£ for a  month is not much, is less than my beer& cider for a week. :D

So yeah, I am now one of the thousands people that Netfix & chill with a bag of Doritos and beer once a week. But after a few series, I ended up seeing Shooter and that’s when I discovered something that started grinding my gears. The movie is marked as rated 15+, because of all the blood and guts. But … every “fuck” in it is censored. And I was like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK???

I am not watching the movie on a kid profile, the movie actually has a lot of shooting, stabbing and bloody fights. And the worse thing in it that apparently it was worth censoring was the word “fuck” and every derivation of it. I’m not sure you realize how ridiculous this is.

Let’s be realistic people, swear words exist and have been used since language was invented. They are as important to a language as words to express love are. As a parent, even if you like it or not, your kid will learn bad words from older kids or adults that are more relaxed with their use of language. My mother was a very religious woman, so swear words were strictly prohibited in the house and in her range of hearing.  But she and my dad used religious swearwords. Yes, you read that properly: religious swear words. Those were allowed. (Makes a lot of sense, right?) Anyway, Romanians are very creative with their swear words. Here are the most common ones I heard around the house: “in mortii ma-tii”, “pastele ma-tii”, “cristosii ma-tii” and “mama dracului de treaba”. They roughly translate to: “in your mother’s death relatives”, “in your mother’s Easter” (yes we have a swear word involving Easter), “your mother Christ-es”(yes, more of them) and “devils mother’s business”. They definitely don’t make sense in English, like I said, Romanians are very creative with their swear words.

Ironically, I was quite a good Christian until I was 18, probably even better than anybody expected or knew and I hated religious swear words and never used them. Especially because I was such a strong believer, they seemed vile and using them was a serious sin to me.

But I was curios about the swear words children older than me used. Also friends of my father’s helping him build one thing or another used some interesting swear words when they would hurt themselves, or talked about things that were not working properly and giving them hell. I liked those swear words especially because my mother hated them and prohibited me and my father from ever using them.

So here I am, an adult. I really don’t swear that much; the reason for that is that I am quite a calm and happy person. When I do swear, I rarely use something else than: fuck, fucking, bloody, damned and my own personal signature swear expression: “piz, mazare, cartofi”.

Growing up, whether  my parents like it or not, I probably knew more swear words than they did. Actually, I definitely did, because I knew swear words in four other languages. But I know that swearing is not cool, I know in society it is frowned upon, unless you are in some pickle or some tool is giving you hell. It is acceptable to say “fuck”, when something has gone terrifyingly sideways. It is acceptable to say “fuck” repeatedly when you just erased the production database.  There are other situations when you can use various “fuck” variations. Using “fuck” instead of punctuation will always be frowned upon, as this is a clear sign you are not mature enough to use swear words. Adults know when to use swear words to accentuate meaning. Let’s take a simple example: “The cake was awesome!”. Sure it was, but “The cake was fucking amazing!” means the cake was so good you had a culinary orgasm.

So, protecting children and teens from swear words does nothing. I mean, what are we really protecting them from? Next we might decide that rape, beheading and death are bad words. You can’t protect people from words, not unless you educate them.

And Shooter is rated 15+, the least worst thing in that movie is the use of the word fuck.  It’s so ridiculous that is cringy to explain. It just does not make any sense.

In Romania we have an expression that can be roughly and gently translated to: “I’m a fucking lady, for fuck’s sake!”. So let me have my “fuck” word, stop being such prudes.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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