Sep 29 2018

Dreaming in … Italian(!?)

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I have quite a big imagination and the scenarios and stories I invent when I am awake, do not even compare to those my brains creates when I am asleep. I once dreamed 20 years of an alternate life for me. That is how crazy my dreams can be. But this entry is not about that.

Some time ago I took part in quite an interesting conversation. You see, I work in an international company and most colleagues speak at least two languages. And this conversation was about the languages we dream in. And it was the first time I realized that I dream in Romanian and English, but it really depends on the characters involved in the dream. If I dream of characters that speak English I will dream in English, but otherwise I rememeber as being Romanian. But last night was different. And I remebered that conversation exactly because of that.

This week an Italian colleague quit the company and last evening all of us went out for a beer to celebrate his new beginning. As a consequence, my brains decided the night out must continue in my dream, in Italian, because another colleague was telling a story in my dream in Italian and was telling us “Lei e la mia donna”. There was no “donna” there, but apparently, he had one.

So yeah, apparently I can dream in Italian, I’m now waiting for the French and German dreams. Because obviously, if I dream of people speaking those languages and I understand and remember what they are saying, I must be way good at those languages than I think.  

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  1. Chiranjeev Gupta says:

    Try, ‘Dreaming in Punjabi’ ;) :P(This link should help

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