Oct 02 2018

Happy Birthday!

Category: MiscellaneousIuliana @ 23:28
You would have been thirty-seven today my dear friend, but life got in the way. The universe had other plans for you, plans that I and all the people that knew you will never understand or approve of. Every year when this day comes I imagine what your life would have been. I think you would have been a great husband and an amazing dad. You would have two amazing kids, that I would have spoiled rotten. Because my friend, if you would have never died, I would have never left home probably. I would have stayed close to see the man that I imagine you might have become. But the universe had other plans. You are no more, and it took me more than ten years to realize that the best way to cope with you not being here is living my life for the both of us. So I embarked on an adventure, to see the world, to be happy. And to keep you always in my heart and in my mind so I can share each experience with you. I really hope I’ve done well so far and you had as much fun as I did. If there’s something else you want done, just give me a sign, whether in a dream or in a ray of sunshine. That amazing family that I imagine you would have had, I can’t share that with you yet. Because somehow I was unable to make that happen for me. I never really knew how, but I’m still learning and it might still happen. Because I am healthy and I am still here and this must be for a reason, right? Just bear with me my dear friend, it might still happen someday. So, I wish you a Happy Birthday! wherever you are and I will drink your share of that prosecco, which is quite amazing by the way. ;)

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