Nov 14 2018

And since I’m writing about running…

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… I’ll continue writing about running until I run out of inspiration. (Yes, I am milking it :D)

Considering how much I love running, you might expect putting on my equipment and go running should be the easiest thing in the world for me and I should always be eager to do it, right? Well, it is not. Getting ready to run is a cumbersome ritual and this entry will describe everything I do to make sure everything will be perfect for me to enjoy a run.

If the equipment is not really fit for purpose I  lose motivation to go running. I know it sounds stupid, but I avoided running when I did not have a pair of pants that could hold my phone in. Seriously now, I understand the clothing industry is trying to convince women they need purses by not making clothes with practical pockets, but FML I would kill for some fitness pants that have proper pockets to put my phone in. Because I hate those elastic bands that are supposed to keep your phone on your arm or those fanny packs. Neither are comfortable nor practical for running. Just give me some tight elastic pants, with huge elastic pockets to stick my phone to my ass or my leg and I am happy.

A critical part for any runner is the shoes. Humans are made for running, scientists say so, but we are not made for running with shoes. Well, also we are not made for running on asphalt, but that’s another discussion. Proper running shoes should have memory foam insoles so they adapt to the shape of my feet and the outsole should be durable, but not rigid. I do not want to feel every bump on the concrete, but I do want my joints protected. Sketchers shoes are my favorite for running. Also, they shouldn’t stink. And this is a cumbersome task. When you run repeatedly using the same shoes you have to maintain them properly.

I like to listen to music when I run, probably I’m not the only one. About a yeat ago I received as a present a pair of bluetooth headphones, that connect to my phone, stick them in my years and I go about my way.  Problem is, when I sweat during a run, they keep falling off. Thankfully, they are attached to each other and they never fall at the same time. If they would have been made by Apple, they would have been gone a long time ago. Obviously, an important step of preparation for a run is to check that both phone and headphones are charged.

Tracking is important as well, monitoring your progress might help motivate you to do better. I use Runtastic and it helps a lot with my motivation to hear my statistics from time to time. If I was too slow, for a mile I feel an incentive to run faster. If I was fast, I challenge the time, because apparently I’m having a good day, so let’s push it right?

The running t-shirts are very important for me. They should either feel light on my skin or they should feel like a soft embrace.

Apparently I got all my ducks in a row, I know what I need to prepare and I have everything. So going for a run should not be a problem, especially since I love running, right? Well, it is a problem. Because I’m either the biggest procrastinator, or tend to find a lot of reasons not to go for a run.

So this is my thought process: I should go for a run, yes yould be nice to go for a run, but do I have the time? I have to do this and that, and then I have to send that email, write that blog post, solve that problem, etc. How is the weather, hmm, looks like it is going to rain, maybe I shouldn’t go, I don’t really like to run when it is wet outside.(Tough luck, you moved to the UK smartass!) I ate, I shouldn’t go runnign right now. (Later) Oh, now it is dark, I cannot go for a run alone it is dangerous!

I really don’t get what is wrong with me, because I love running. I really do. I love that feeling of all my muscles working together. I like the calm and tranquillity I feel after a good run. But actually getting my ass out of the house seems an impossibile task sometimes.

Well at least, currently I have a serious reason for not feeling guilty for not going for a run. A few weeks ago I sprained my knee playing football and I am still recovering. But that is a story for another day.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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