Jan 22 2019

The flaming hair

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Most of my life I’ve had long hair. Long, light-brown hair. It got a little darker after thirty years of age, but right about that time white hairs appeared as well. I really don’t care for them that much, but there is not enough of them to make my hair look silver, it’s just enough of them to make my hair look… well… not dark. So I’ve started coloring my hair to a flaming auburn shade. I did not want blonde, because it was too much of a contrast with my dark eyebrows.

I’ve had my hair flaming auburn since 2016 and I’ve been coloring my roots every 4-5weeks. Apparently I managed to find the best  shade ever, because I keep receiving compliments about it. First, it felt weird to have people complimenting my fake color. But I kinda’ started feeling proud of being able to dye my own hair and doing such a good job. If people would compliment my real color, they wouldn’t be really complimenting me, but my genetic inheritance.  I did not work for that, I had no contribution. It’s the same thing when people compliment the color of your eyes. Sure, they are beautiful, but nature made them like that. You had little contribution. But when people compliment the way you look in a dress or your shoes, that is a compliment to a decision you made, to an action you did and the consequence that was good enough that caught somebody’s eye.

As for my hair, except for its color, I am doing other changes lately. I started washing it less. Why? Well, the story is not really short. I started washing my hair every two days when I hit puberty. I had a little bit of acne and a lot of dandruff, so I was washing it and scrubbing my scalp like crazy. It was also getting oily quite often. So since 1997 I washed my hair every two days. And for all these years it has been my routine. Until I started questioning it. My best friend and mother of my godson noticed that her children did not really need their hair washed that much. And that made me think, why do we adults do it so often? Well I was doing it during puberty for obvious reasons. Then I was washing it because of routine, or because I was out a lot and apparently a lot of dust got caught in my hair. I was also washing it because I was going to the gym or to the pool, so I felt the need to.

But I’m not doing that anymore, at least not now, when it is cold outside and I am still recovering from a sprained knee. I mostly stay inside my home and go to work by car, where again I stay inside. Yoga does not make me sweat so much, so there is no reason to wash it. So here I am after twenty years or so of washing my hair every two days, I am now washing it once a week. And my hair still looks fabulous and I’m getting compliments for it.

I have no doubt once I’ll be able to do serious sports again, I’ll have to change this routine, but until then, I am reducing my spending on shampoo and gas while my hair looks amazing. And since I’ve mentioned sports, I’m seeing a physiotherapist and apparently my knee is quite well, the muscles around it are atrophied and that is why it hurts. So, all I have to do now, is … work out and all will be well. :D

Also … I  know I haven’t been writing for a while. I am sorry, but I am working like crazy on some side projects. After this tumultuous period is done, I promise to make it up to you.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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