Mar 04 2019

When real life copies art

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I haven’t been sick too many times in my life, at least not many of the problems I’ve had required me going to the hospital. So I think I can be considered quite lucky. I was hospitalized as a child only once for the treatment of measles. And I remember having a lot of fun. I will never understand why my parents did not leave me in there with a lot of books to keep me occupied. And since I was in a room with four other kids, all with measles we found ways to keep ourselves busy. We had one cupboard with a broken door. I managed to get myself locked in it. I saved the syringes, filled them with water and attacked nurses and doctors from our window. Until we got caught and nurses would not leave the syringes in our garbage bin anymore. And many more. Although sick, I was bored out of my mind and very creative. But I digress.

As an adult I’ve had one major experience that required for me to be in a hospital. I broke my right hand in three places. The resident that took care of me had these really beautiful blue eyes and he was so kind, I was mesmerized with him the whole time I was in the hospital. Most of us have seen series with hospitals and the doctors and nurses are always portrayed by ridiculous good looking actors, but then again it’s only a movie, right? Well, when I met this guy the first night I got there my first thought was: “Fuck me, I’m in a medical series!” Later in time, I met the operating doctor and because of some unexpected circumstances I was late with an RMN. And I got a real-life Dr. House tirade. He was scolding me for being irresponsible and having a delayed RMN, because if it proves that my bones have fused incorrectly he would have to tear them apart and I definitely wouldn’t like that. I was so mesmerized by the similitude between this guy and the doctor portrayed by Hugh Laurie, that I was unable to justify myself. So I bravely took it and hoped that the RMN would reveal that everything is fine. Which it actually happened. The last time I saw the kind and handsome resident, it was almost Christmas and I remember gifting him a box of candy that he tried to refuse.

When I went to the hospital with my broken hand I’ve spend a few hours until having my hand put in a cast in a salon with a guy that broke his hand while falling on ice. This guy was tall with a very muscular body and was complaining how his broken hand will prevent him from going to the gym. He was a student at a private medical university, studying physiotherapy. And because during our repeated checkups we bonded, he gave me the number of one of his professors that had a physiotherapy clinic where he taught his students the art of healing. So I’ve had one month and a half of physiotherapy. And  you probably guess where I am going with this. The professor was a typically looking 50ish year old, but the team that worked on my hand to make it better again was made of four young residents: two men and two women, that could have very well been actors in Grey’s Anatomy. The guy I worked with the most was about two meters tall, slender build, with dark eyes, dark hair and a perfect pink-yellowish skin. He was very funny and very communicative, he explained me a lot about muscles, ligaments and how the fingers worked. He was fascinating. The woman that massaged my hand was a petite blonde with deep blue eyes. Every time she looked at me my heart skipped a beat. And I’m not normally into women. But I guess, you are not, until you are, right? :)) I do not really remember the other two honestly. But as I did not meet them all at once, every time I met another one, I was like: “Are you fucking kidding me? Are all the sexy people into medicine? Because I wanted to do this and my parents fucked it up for me. Bloody idiots!”

Anyway, physiotherapy ended and some more time passed. I moved into another city and six months after I was looking for a dentist and one of my colleagues recommended me one. And I went for my first consult and I was again frustrated I did not study medicine. The dentist was a very nice lady with light-brown curly hair and green eyes with dark circles around the irises. She is one of the most beautiful women I’ve met to this day. I can remember her eyes even now, because she did a lot of work on me, and while she was looking into my mouth, I was looking into her eyes. She was amazing really, I was a little saddened when she told me she got married. Not like I would have had a chance anyway. :)

And now I’m in Edinburgh, and those of you that read me more often know that I have had a sprained knee. And I went to a physiotherapist. The first time I went to the clinic, a nurse took care of me that was unremarkable, which was weird considering my previous experiences. But she told me that she was just there because the doctor wasn’t and that she will schedule me an appointment with him. And she did and two weeks later I met the doctor. And … well, let me describe him to you: clear blue eyes, dark hair, the contrast that blows my mind, tall, but not too tall, moderately muscular just the way I like it, very sweet smile and pleasant voice. I’ve been single for almost five years now, you have no idea how much I wanted to ask him out. And considering our chats were not only related to medical things maybe I should have. But my main problem is that  I’m in the country where everybody is so damn polite that most interactions could be easily mistaken as flirting. And I was not good at this when I was in Romania either. I simply cannot tell when somebody is genuinely interested in me, so I never risk making a step. So there probably are a lot of missed opportunities in my past. If this was one of them or not, I will never know I guess, since today was my last physiotherapy session with him.

No worries, if there is anything you learn as an adult is to let things go. So I will be over it at some point.

As for my experience with doctors, I’m not looking forward for the next time I need one,  but I sorta’ am. Because it will most likely involve a “Fuck me, I’m in Grey’s Anatomy!” moment.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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