Mar 12 2019

After Life is a gem

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If you haven’t yet seen After Life, the new short series produced by Ricky Gervais, in which he shines as Tony, the bitter guy that lost his wife to cancer, I recommend you not to wait too long.

Ricky Gervais is a genius, but After Life is not for everyone. If you cry easily and you are bothered by it or get offended easily do not watch it.

I’m not offended easily, but I do cry easily and I don’t mind. Crying provides the best cleaning for the eyes. And I’ve seen it.

This short series is a gem of television. It’s the epitome of art imitating life. It is raw, it is cringy and it is … heartbreaking.

Some people describe it as funny. I won’t, because the cut scenes shared on twitter are funny only when taken out of context. In the context of the series, those lines are delivered by a broken man that does not know how to live in a world without the love of his life.

The series is centered on Tony and the aftermath of losing the love of his life and if you have an open mind and an open heart there are some things to be learned:

  • love does exist, but it is not always sunshine and rainbows
  • the perfect partner is not the most beautiful, or the smartest, is the one that will love and stand by you despite all your bullshit, because make no mistake, Tony is by all intents and purposes an asshole, but he’s Lisa’s asshole and she sees all the good in him
  • a partner should see all the good in us and nourish it, Lisa is amazing because she makes sure to do so that even after she dies by leaving Tony the videos in which she describes how she sees him
  • never ever underestimate the hook a pet can have on you
  • appreciate the people you love every day, because life is unpredictable and merciless
  • real friends will stand by you at your lowest, even when your behaviour is not really friendly

Watching this series might make you realize that people deal with loss in different ways, and if they temporarily turn bitter and sour, you should try to be there for them, because this is when they most need it. They might seem ungrateful at the time, but after the pain is gone they will show you plenty of gratitude.

I might be a little biased since the series hits quite close to home. I feel closer to the main character because I too lost the love of my life quite a long time ago.

Somebody asked me recently how do you get over the love of your life dying. It was surprising how easy it was to answer. You don’t. You just accept that you couldn’t have done nothing to prevent it. You let go of the guilt for being the one left behind and alive. You accept that they are gone and learn to be grateful for the time you had with them. And after accepting they are gone you learn to live your life for two, you live and appreciate the rest of your life, especially because they did not.

The most cynical of people watching the series might draw the conclusion that you should never give someone so much power over you, but the fact remains that After Life is just great and watching it might make you more empathetic.  So, go ahead and watch it. And then come back and thank me for the recommendation.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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    I saw your tweet about the trailer and watched it when it premiered. It’s worth it. “”.concat([… whatever you said]);

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