Mar 12 2019

Why I won’t be looking for a new job too soon

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Because recruiters are absolute units, that’s why. This is the short answer, the long answer … coming right up.

I never really appreciated Romanian IT companies until I moved to the UK. Almost every IT company in Romania has its own in-house recruiters which collaborate closely with the teams they are recruiting people for. I’m saying almost because there was one that hired me, just so no other company would and they payed me for three months while not being on a project and not even accepting me not to come to the office. Yes, you got that right for three months I was going to the office, browsing the internet, working on my own personal projects and getting payed for it. I was pretty pissed off then, I am not currently, because now I’m being payed to do brain-dead work, but we’ll get there.

When I was in Romania, looking for a job in the UK, not many recruiters were interested in me. Why would they be? I was half a world away. That is why when one was interested in me and approached me for what appeared to be the ideal job, I did my best and I even traveled to Edinburgh for a face-to-face interview. Obviously I got the job, but as expected there are some perks.  So at the beginning of the year, I started thinking that maybe it would not be bad to scan the local job market. Turns out, once I became local and the new year started recruiters started circling me like flies circle a drop of honey. They became so annoying that I modified my LinkedIn header to this:

But they either did not give a rat’s ass, or LinkedIn show recruiter accounts a different view of my profile. Recruiters continued to spam me. And call me, because I’ve done the mistake of adding a phone number.

And I wouldn’t have minded if they would have called me for jobs that would actually make use of my skills, and payed me what I deserved. It seems idiotic to me, to not study my CV properly before calling me and offering me a job. It seems lazy, sloppy and damn unrespectful. As a person with integrity that takes her job seriously, dealing with a recruiter that does not feel the same about their job is … weird.

Anyway, recruiters are units, but there is another reason why I’m no longer looking for a job and I won’t be.

So far, almost no job I’ve taken turned out as to be even close that how it was sold to me. So, why even bother? It seems that I will end up like my parents and my grandparents, having a job I don’t like, to pay for the things that I like. Well, the difference is my job is more comfortable, with better hours and it pays better.¬† I could stop right here, and most people would understand my reasoning.

But there’s another reason. The IT world has always changed fast, but lately it seems that Software as a Service will kill most development jobs. For example, the company that I am working for now is migrating its implementation to Google Cloud Platform. Which sounds cool, but it isn’t. For months now, all teams that have to migrate to it, are just figuring out which APIs to call and how to combine them to get the desired result. And this is not programming, not anymore. Because, when working with microservices, and the services are already provided, you are not doing much programming. I work with something called Apigee (Apigee, part of Google Cloud, helps leading companies design, secure, and scale application programming interfaces¬† – APIs). and I am currently mixing and matching XMLs and JavaScript pieces of code to make sure a request is processed the way needed. It’s not quite a brain dead job, I exaggerated a little, but it is not what I’ve studied 6 years for, and definitely what I’ve worked the other 7 for. I’m not sure this is the right comparison, but I feel exactly like a factory worker that knows how to do a manual job well, but the company just bought a machine to do it and automatized it and I am reduced to pushing some buttons here and there. It’s definitely much easier, but it does not make use of my skills, it is repetitive and unchallenging.

I mean, if development jobs – real ones – will not really be needed as much, at least, please Google and others, just hurry with building those AIs that can do my job, so I’ll be motivated enough to make a change of career.

At my current job I have a flexible program, a kick-ass manager and some other benefits that make the job quite pleasant for now. So I won’t be looking to change my job pretty soon. And definitely not while recruiters have no idea what they are selling.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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  1. Nikhil says:

    I like the way this post is direct and opinionated. Hard to find an honest gripe post in today’s sanitised for acceptability world.

  2. Iuliana says:

    I am grateful for persons like you that understand that I have valid reasons to be upset and my choice of words does not offend you. Thank you kind stranger!

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