Mar 26 2019

A great performance

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I was a student in 2005 when I first heard and seen the following video.

I must confess I was intrigued, because the song did not have the structure that I prefer, not many verses are rhyming and the video is nothing but weird. Creative, but weird. I did not really like it, but I could not stop listening to it either, every time discovering new things about it. I did not hear the word “poise” being used in a song before. I really liked the vocalist’s voice, there was something really peculiar about it, he could switch really easily from low notes to high notes, and it seemed… effortless.

So the band stuck and I’ve gotten my hands on every album they produced. Sure, “the band” is not actually an appropriate term, considering that throughout the years the single constant of the band has been its vocalist: Brendon Urie.

In 2015, Emperor’s New Clothes was released. I listened to it on repeat for more than a week.

Sycophants, really? What are you doing Brendon, trying to teach your fans new words? Also my favorite lyrics in the song: Heroes always get remembered/ But you know legends never die

Last year Panic at The Disco released High Hopes.

I love the video, I love the song, I love the lyrics. I love everything about it, it has so much optimism in it. And the video came out just when I need it something like that. I just moved to a new country and the euphoria of the incredible change was wearing off. That song, was exactly what I needed. So after listening to it on repeat for a while, I used the most awesome tool at my disposal and got myself tickets for the concert in Birmingham. I got the tickets at the beginning of September 2018 for a concert at the end of March 2019. Talk about long term planning, right?

So yeah, I’ve been waiting for this concert for about seven months. And on Monday, the 25th, I got in my car and drove to Birmingham. I got myself checked in at the Hilton hotel right across the canal from Arena Birmingham, and I can’t lie to you guys, I really-really hoped the band would have rooms there too. (but they did not, unfortunately for me) So I ended up sleeping for two days a most comfortable bed, not as comfortable as the one at home, but close enough in a room at the 7th floor with a perfect view of the old line of the canal.
Birmingham reminds me of Amsterdam a little, but the canal is roughly used to its full potential. Otherwise the town is big and dirty, not sure if the whole UK has a littering problem, but damn, people just cannot seem to care about where they put their garbage here. I had two full days in Birmigham and I was not impressed. Also, since Sealife was close to the hotel, I thought spending a few hours would be interesting. Yes, it was interesting, but it did not compare in size to the one in the US, and there is one thing that made me very sad. They have penguins, inside, at the first level, which means those penguins never see the light of day. Also the enclosure seems kinda small for their numbers. I’ve been to the Edinburgh zoo, those penguins live like royalties. I’ve really, really felt bad for the ones at Sealife Birmingham. Not sure why anyone in this world would approve such a thing really.

Another thing that perplexed me was the architecture. Birmingham is a cacophony of old-style buildings, glass sky-scrapers, communist-style apartment buildings and Swedish simplistic living blocks. And most parts of the canals which  traverse the city are a huge waste of potential, there are areas around the canal that could be picturesque, but because they have been unmaintained for a long time they became quite decrepit and well… not safe for a woman to have a walk alone, so I had to go back at some point.
Botanical gardens have been a bit of a disappointment. Some plants were mislabeled, some were downright dead and I’ve seen a lime tree with parasites. But, damn they have a lot of magnolia trees and their apiary is amazing.

So, there’s not much to say about Birmingham, so I’ll switch directly to the concert. Not sure if my location was the problem, but the sound was less than satisfactory. Then again, this was my first concert with a crowd of this size: 15,800 people. I’ve tried recording some pieces of songs here and there, but nothing usable came out of this, the crowd was just so noisy, all the time, even when the band was singing. No wonder I prefer classical music concerts, they have a much quieter public.

Anyway, Brendan Urie is an incredible performer. He is energetic, he engages the public and obviously has a lot of fun doing this. But as amazing as he is, the songs seem recorded, because there is almost no improvisation. Except for the sound quality, the songs sound exactly like the recorded ones.  But than again, this is just me, I’m a fan of the music and the performance, not a fan of the person. Which was quite obvious, since I did not stand at the entry door 24h prior to the concert like a crazy person and since most fans could very well be my kids by now. Yeah, if I would have had a kid between 20 and 24 years of age, I would have gone to that concert with my kid.

I don’t know what else to tell you really, it was amazing to see Brendon Urie perform live. He did exactly the things somebody would expect of him during the performance: he danced, he sang a lot of high notes, he played all the instruments he can play, he did a back-flip and then he got half naked to show as that a man can be sexy without a six-pack. This concert was an amazing experience, it’s truly mesmerizing to see a man who has build such a career for himself. Most of us will die without know how it feels, to have most of the world falling at your fee. It felt great to be there, to witness his greatness, but a little sad to know the most of us no matter how big our dreams, no matter how high our hopes, we will never be king of the clouds. But I guess sometimes, just being a good, decent adult  is enough.

Anyway, enough philosophy, I’m really not an expert in that. What I’m an expert in, is sharing experiences, so aside from the previous text that only really patient people read, here are some pictures from my travel to Birmingham.

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