Apr 06 2019

Medici, a series with great actors

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A while ago I tried watching the Medici series on Netflix. For some reason, I gave up at the first episode, probably the story was not advancing fast enough and me, and me not having any knowledge of Italian history could not fill in the missing gaps, nor was I motivated to wait for things to start happening, because I had no idea of the direction where things were going.

The series is not an easy one to watch either. The music is mostly classical, piano and violin and everything, and sometimes you just watch some action happening in the background while the front line is represented by a full dramatic symphony that seems to go on for ever. If you do not appreciate that kind of music, you might find it difficult to watch the movie. Also, those background scenes are important for the plot, so you’d better not let yourself get lost in the music. The music in the movie is absolutely genius, you feel smarter just but watching the series.

Also, there are a lot of silent moments, that are surprisingly not boring and relevant for character development. The actors keep acting during those scenes, I swear you can read some internal drama on Richard Madden’s and Daniel Sharman’s faces. Richard Madden, I already knew is a great actor with a lot of experience in movies like these, especially after seeing him on Game of Thrones, but Daniel Sharman was an absolute surprise. I’ve only seen him in teen shitty dramas, where the only talent an actor needs is to be good looking, and boy he does have that. But I really hope, he gets to play more serious roles, because he has a lot of potential.

Otherwise, the series is amazing, the stories are build up slowly and realistically. I’ve found myself wishing for the survival of some characters and absolutely loathing the villains in the Pazzi and Abizzi families. Those actors really, really did a great job, because they were so easy to hate. I could have never imagined Sean Bean as a villain after Game of Thrones, but there he was and boy, I hated Jacopo de’ Pazzi during the series.

Another thing about this series is that it will not give you closure. There are some events that happen in the movies, that are viewed by the characters from a different angle, and leads them to do idiotic things. If you expect them to ever find the truth and realize their mistake, well… that never happens. So you are left with this bitterness of being unable to influence events, and with your imagination active trying to reshape events in the form they might have been in, if on;y the truth would have been able to come out somehow. I think this is the strength of the show really, maybe it might not be historically accurate, but it sure feels like it, because events do not turn out the way we expect them to, they turn out exactly how they were written to many years ago. This series might help you grow up a little, and realize what every adult must accept at some point in their lives: that past cannot be changed, so don’t dwell too much over it, or you will endanger your future.

Another side effect this series might have on you is that, you might fall in love with Florence. I’ve never really bean fascinated with Italy, even more, I’ve been avoiding going to Italy for a long time. There are some personal reasons for my attitude, that I might cover in a different entry, because I know that they are irrational and illogical and I’m not even sure how to explain it. But this movie really made me curious about this country, so after going to the already established vacation destinations for this year, next year, I will definitely go to Italy. And most probably, I will start with Florence.

Netflix really did a good job with this series and I really hope they continue it in the same style. I enthusiastically recommend you watching it.

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  1. Adrian Scheff says:

    For some reason I couldn’t get into this series. It felt bland/boring – nothing to write home about – specially compared to other similar tv shows, despite “the King in the North” being in it. :))
    Now the two Borgia tv shows (each different) – that’s some fucked up, high quality television:

    Versailles was good to (with Athelstan from Vikings):

    The Last Kindgom provided some quality entertainment also, albeit more brutal and happening around 11th century or so:

    And if you really want something that has it all and it will keep you fed for months then The Tudors is a good choice:

    And if you like(d) The Tudors then Wolf Hall is another great series (featuring the one and only Brody from Homeland):

    I’ll not talk much about the classics which I assume you already know: Vikings, Rome, Spartacus, Black Sails, DaVinci’s Demons, Penny Dreadful

  2. Iuliana says:

    Problem is… I’m not in Romania anymore. I am limited to what Netflix provides :D

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