May 03 2019

Blast from the past (part 3)

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Somebody said that the previous entries were kinda grim, but I told you, I will write here what I remember related to the context in which the pictures were taken. I was not in a good place for most of my life, honestly sometimes I’m looking back and I still think it is a miracle I made it to 30. But I did make it, and my experience is nothing special really. It is normal to be scared, it is normal to be sad, it is normal to have doubts and it is normal to be broken. And it is also normal to fix yourself. Which I am confident I did, but working on yourself is a never ending process.

We’ll jump to 2008, because for some reason I have no pictures from 2007. I am not sure it is related, but 2007 was a really busy year. I had full time job, and when I say full time, I mean 8-12 hours, because I was so eager to learn and grow professionally I was overworking myself.  I was also teaching at the university, so the amount of work hours per week was around 70-80. It is also the year when I decided to fix my teeth, all of them, so I made no other investment that year. So no camera, no fancy phone. In 2007 I also moved from campus to a really nice house that I rented with my now best friends and parents of my godson. So it was quite a happy period full of work and spending time with my friends.

The picture is taken on that house’s balcony. It was taken by my then boyfriend, a great guy but a little lost and demotivated at the time. He is now a proud father and is kicking ass in his profession, he is married to a very amazing woman, that is not me, but that I am proud to call my friend.

I remember I loved that shirt, but I was reluctant to wearing it in public because, yes you guessed it, I thought I was fat. He convinced me to wear it for this picture and I really cannot remember another time when I wore it.

If I remember well, the building in the backend is a school for children with disabilities. The house between that big building and house I lived in was inhabited by a family living on social wages, that had three kinds during the 7 years I lived there. The street the house was on was named Marta, number 18 and the location is quite close to city center.

I lived in that house from 2007, until 2014 when I moved to Sibiu. The people that rented the house to me and my boyfriend were wonderful people and I still consider them my friends. They took a risk by renting the house to me and my boyfriend and I will always be grateful to them for their trust.

I moved to that house because campus life was getting difficult for me and my two cats. Yes, I found my first cat, a tomboy which I named Bebe one night when I was coming back from work. He followed me after I gave him some pets and I could not abandon it. The second cat, it was so small she could fit in the palm of my hand and somebody found it and gave it to me because they just did not know what to do with it. My room mates from that time probably still hate me for my innability to say no  to cats.

I have a lot of happy memories from my time living in that house. Of course there are some sad ones, but this is how we grow.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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