Jun 11 2019

Goodbye Netflix

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One of the things I did after moving to the UK getting a Netflix subscription. I just thought since I’ll be alone here I’ll finally have the time to see all the series I’ve missed. And I did, and I enjoyed a few of them. I also had this illusory hope that if I see all the British series, on Netflix my English accent would improve. Well, not sure my accent is better because of Netflix, but I definitely had less free time and less motivation to leave the house. It got so bad I could not take a bath or fall asleep without watching something. When the awesome series ended I switched to good ones. When the good series ended, I switched to decent ones. Then to acceptable ones. But now I’m just left with really dull ones and I  just realized it’s not worth it anymore. So today I just cancelled my Netflix subscription. I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while, but like any addiction is really difficult to kick. But I did it. Yeey me!

Seriously, Netflix is addictive. Not sure any of us realizes how much time and money we actually waste on it. Actually, just money, because time is money. Or just time, that you could spend exercising, meditating, going out and meeting people. Or just hanging with your friends and loved ones.

I have books to read(and write) and music to listen(and learn on my piano), I’d rather do any of that. If I will wreck my eye sight by staring at a screen I would prefer doing it while writing on this blog or writing some code, or reading a book. Each one of this would be more useful to my brains than  watching a series or a movie. Unless that movie is Rocketman, but Rocketman is not on Netflix. You haven’t seen Rocketman? You lazy ignorant human, go to a cinema right now and see it! It is amazing and it is life changing.

So, I’m sorry Netflix, but we really have to stay apart for a while. After the last season of Lucifer which was amazing and the ending of Star Trek Discovery there’s nothing left that I consider worthy of my time. It was nice spending time with you, you’ve been a good friend to me on my lonely days and maybe we’ll keep each other company again, but for now I’ll leave you to be enjoyed by your other billions of users that need you because they are addicted to you.

Stay safe and stay happy!



2 Responses to “Goodbye Netflix”

  1. Adrian Scheff says:

    It’s good that you quit Netflix. Otherwise you would’ve wasted more time watching addictive flicks like “Killing Eve” or “The marvelous mrs. maisel”.

    Tv shows are like treats, no? Use them sparsely, pick the best and you can have a decent balance, like allowing yourself a bite of cake every now and then. Of course, most of us can’t just stop after a bite… :))

  2. Iuliana says:

    Human, believe me I am so tempted to subscribe to Amazon prime only for those series + “Good Omens”. So far I am resisting this temptation.

    So, shoo away! :)

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