Jun 11 2019

Blast from the past(part 5)

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I know I took a long break from writing again. I could blame my absence on working on my books, but I would be lying. Truth is whenever I get a bout of depression I have energy for one thing only: keeping up a steady job so I can pay my rent and feed my cat. Seriously, this cat is the reason while I’m a decent functioning adult sometimes.

But, back to my awesome series.This time I have two pictures for you.

In the background of this picture you can see the Back Sea. In 2010 I broke up with Rpx. It was one of those mutual(sort of) break-ups. Quite peacefull and chill, it was quite clear to us, that for some reason we no longer fitted together. So I decided to go the Black Sea with a small set of friends(?) to a small city called Vama Veche which is known for being destination for young people to get drunk, have fun and probably do drugs in the summer. I was there for all of them.

I rented a bed in a camper van and it was the most disgusting place I ever slept in. But I got to ride a motorcycle with a friend of mine, I got to smoke marijuana, get a little drunk, have a little fun and ironically no, I did not get to swim in the sea because I almost drowned in 2009 at Gura Portitei. So I  ended up being a little afraid of water with its own random currents.

Obviously, I need to tell you about my first experience with marijuana, because, because … I just must.  So although for more than 10 years I smoked  because my friends kept offering me cigarettes and I was so desperate for acceptance and inclusion I never said no, I was never a real smoker. So obviously smoking marijuana is not something I enjoyed doing. The smell and taste of smoke just make me nauseous and disgust me to this day. I will probably never smoke in my life again. Being young – well not so young, I was 27 – I kinda felt weird about not being able to contribute with my own opinion in discussions with my friends about marijuana. So, feeling naughty I asked one of the guys in the group to get one so we can do some research. I remember three or four of us staying in a circle in the sand next to a bonfire. We all smoked and kept talking nonsense. I was less focused on the discussion and more focused on me and what I was feeling, because I wanted to feel something, I was not even sure what. So I just stood there on my ass, on the sand waiting. And nothing happened. At some point I just felt sleepy, so I said bye bye to my guys and just went to my camper van. Since I did not check the time, I will never know how much I sat on my ass waiting for something to happen, for some extraordinary sensation that never came.

You expected some crazy story? Now you know how I’ve felt. I would like very much to have a crazy story to write, but I don’t.

Curious fact: one of the guys I’ve went to the Black Sea with was, and still is, suffering from mythomania. After coming back from the sea I’ve written a very big sarcastic post about this guy being a pathological liar which turned him into a pariah in the local blogospehere for years. A few years after doing that, I felt bad, I mean it was online bullying after all, and I’ve made the post private, before Google got so good at indexing content. Unfortunately, mythomania is not curable, unless you have parents that actually care about you enough(unfortunately this poor kid did not) to take you to a psychologist. But then again in Romania psychologists are one step down the ladder from palm readers, so if his parents would have cared about him lying the therapy would have been some pair of beatings. Anyway, after reconnecting a month ago with a friend from that group, I find out that the guy is still lying his way through life, he moved to Bucharest and he’s a slowly rising politician. This says a lot about Romania’s politicians, right? Anyway, if you are ever asked to vote for Vlad Moraru, be really sure you know the guy, because it could be my guy.

The picture above was taken towards the end of the year. By that time I met the unmentionable boyfriend and I was … happy. The necklace you see in the picture was kinda goth and kinda cool and I loved it. I have no idea when I lost it and I still regret losing it. I bought it from a thrift store. That’s all I remember about this picture. I do not even remember the context, nor the reason for taking it – because it is obviously a selfie. At that time the blogosphere was slowly shifting towards Facebook, so I might have taken this picture for my Facebook profile.

And that’s it kids. Story time is done, because mommy has to write some code.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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