Jul 10 2019

Visiting home (part one)

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It has been exactly one month since I last posted something on this blog. As expected, when I take breaks from writing is because I am busy with something else. Let me update you.

On the 20th of June I took flight and went back to Romania to check on my friends and family and to go to the wedding of a dear friend and previous co-worker. I left my cat in Scotland with another dear friend and from the pictures he sent she had the time of her life. She was spolied as fuck and well taken care of. I was actually debating if I should get her back or not. Just look at her:

Anyway, the cat was having the time of her life, I on the other hand… not really. Long story follows, click at your own risk.

I landed in Bucharest, one hour and a half later than scheduled. Thank you Lufthansa! My childhood friend was waiting me in the airport after a day of work, tired and eager to see me and I was stuck 10.000 feet in the air feeling guilty. When I was waiting for my luggage, we talked on the phone while catching a glimpse of each other when the automatic doors would open for luckier people (that had gotten thier luggage faster or did not have any) to get out of the airport. And her smile was wide and cheerful and so was mine and I couldn’t wait to hug her.

Anyway, the moment happened and we hugged for a full two mintues with judgemental Romanians looking at us assuming we were lesbians and damning us to hell. We went to her appartment and we talked until 3 or 4 in the morning, until we decided that we should go to sleep because she had to work the next day. I woke up at 10 or 11 and she was gone. I got out looking for an ING office to get me some Romanian money. Unfortunately Revolut & ING have quite a slow communication so I just walked for half an hour around the neighborhood while waiting for the transfer to come through. It was already as hot as an oven, I  could literally feel the sun caressing my skin!! Oh wait, I’m talking nonsense, it was just the hot air I was feeling on my skin. But still, freaking Bucharest. Anyway, when I got my cash, I decided to have a walk towards the old part of the town. I’ve heard it’s pretty great. Yes, I’m Romanian and don’t really know my way around the capitol because I’ve been there only for work reasons and I hated it so much, that as soon as everything was done I would just struggle to get out of town.

Anyway, I looked on the map, I checked the way to go, it was a straight line, so I put away my phone and started walking. And I walked until I’ve gotten into one big ass market, the biggest I’ve even been in. This was the Obor market and iwas the opposite way from the city center. So, I just consoled myself with some kick-ass whild apricots and turned back, because at 1 pm I was supposed to meet my best friend from faculty. I haven’t seen this guy in two years, because he moved to freaking Bucharest. And in case it wasn’t obvious. I hate Bucharest.

While in Bucharest I realized why I could never go back to Romania. The only thing I like about Romania are the mountains and my friends. I do not like the infrastructure, I do not like the architecture and I do not like the extreme weather. Those big blocks of flats built by the communists when they were trying to build an European capitol are designed in the most stupid way, they look grim and they superheat during the summer.  The concrete in them gets so hot, it doesn’t even cool down during the night, which made sleeping an agony for me.

It was nice meeting my faculty friend, it’s nice to realize no matter how much time passes, no matter how much they change, the fondness some people have for you never changes. I never realized how much I missed him until I saw his puffy face and heard his sarcastic voice. The friendship between us was born on a dirty campus hallway where we were smoking and drinking our days to kill the time after we both had gotten our first jobs. We spent my birthday together drinking cheap beer and eating corn puffs and being happy we had a roof over our heads and jobs. We talked about things that were and things that would never be and at the time we could not imagine we would end up two years later working together and cementing out friendship in the process.

Anyway, time flew fast, and there I was on Saturday morning, being taken to the airport by my childhood friend to get on a flight to Iasi. She wanted so bad to stay with me in the airport a little while more, and I wanted the same, but the parking lot was full. So we hugged and kissed and promised we will see each other again and she left.

And I boarded the plane and took flight again. And a lot of days later I realized that we were so busy exchanging stories and being together that we forgot to take a picture together. It’s ok, I now have a good reason to go home again.

To be continued.

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