Jul 11 2019

Blast from the past(part 6)

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Here we are, year 2011. This was a really good year. I had quite an active social life, I was a renown blogger in Iasi. The Iasi blogospere was just taking off and there were a lot of events. The first group of bloggers from Iasi was quite a tight-knit team. We were together a lot during that summer. We were playing basketball and then we were going for a beer twice a week sometimes. The weekends were long and we were walking from pub to pub, sometimes getting home the next morning.

The next picture was taken by one member of the group, which was quite a talented photgrapher. He was a really nice kid with big dreams, and the last time I heard of him, he moved to Denmark for studies.

And then, during the summer, the company I was working for delegated me to Dublin for one month and a half. That month an a half was one of the most interesting periods of my life. I drank so much Guiness my hair turned dark.

I’m kidding ofcourse, I dyed it. It was the first time I considered moving abroad. It was the first time I thought that driving on the left side of the street feels more natural to me. And it was the first time in my life I felt unsure of my relationship. Because I was in Dublin, he was in Romania and we weren’t talking as much as I considered we should have. I drank so much and ran so much and played so much Monopoly while I was there that I still can’t stand the game now.  I still like Guiness, ginger beer, Kopparberg cider and running though. I hated Dublin at the time and couldn’t wait to get back home. But I did love the coast of Howth, which is where the last picture was taken.

2011 might have been the year the following picture was taken. My memory is failing me on this one. I love this picture because it captures the way I am perfectly. The way the light falls on my face makes me look melancholic and fragile.  The tree behind me is Romania’s national poet tree. He was a talented and melancholic man and while standing under that tree I dared to imagine us as twin souls trapped in different centuries, destined never to meet. I was still writing poetry back then. I think it was one of the last years when I was still able to do it. I miss it sometimes, I miss the ability to put together words that would make people feel what I felt.

This picture was taken by an ex-boyfriend, the one I call now The Unmentionable. Of course I reffer to him like that in my mind, when some memory surfaces, because I don’t really mention him anymore. And right then, next to the person owning my heart, this was exacty the way I was.

But things have changed a lot since then. My heart is now my own, he has been out of the picture a long time, probably in love again with somebody more fit for him.

Unfortunately this is one of the photo archives that got corrputed and I don’t have many pictures. It saddens me because this means there might be a lot of good memories that I have no anchors to now. But life is the way it is.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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