Jul 18 2019

Visiting home (part two)

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The previous post ended with me getting on a flight to fly to Iasi. Lucky for me Iasi is 45 minutes away by plane and I was there in no time. In the airport my best friends and thier kids were waiting for me. Well, not quite, when you have kids, things do not always go as planned and they were a little late. :))

Honestly, the rest of the week was hazy. It was too hot but I was playing with the kids, reading, getting my first tantrum from my godson’s sister and all the time trying to get into my godson’s good graces. Why? Because he was 6 months old when I baptized him last year and now he was 1 year and a 1/2 and  he totally forgot me. Heh, he’s just a kid and his brains is bombarded with a multitude of stimuli trying to make sense of this world, but I can’t lie, it hurt a little. Being forgotten always does.

But you know who did not forget me? My friends, some of them I know from 2009 and even earlier and I’ve managed to meet quite a lot of them. And holy macro, did I mention how big of an idiot I am?? Because I forgot to take freaking pictures. I was so enchanted to see my friends and enjoy their company that I totally forgot, more than once.

Also, do not expect pictures with the kids, I am one of those adults that considers that kids pictures should not be on the internet until they are at least 16 and understand the ramifications of these things.

Iasi is a beautiful city. The roads and still shit in all the places they were shit when I was living there, which is prior to 2014. The new parts are awesome. I have only three pictures for you. I’m such an idiot I did not realize I am not a tourist in the city I used to live in, and if I want some memories, pictures would help. So, one more reason to go back right?

In the first picture you can see The Beautiful Monastery, and I’m not joking, that is its name. It is surrounded by a small hill of grass and it’s the view from my friends’ house. I slept in the room with the perfect view. Remember how I said about Bucharest that it was scolding? Well, Iasi was not far away. I will complain now that my sleep was an agony, but hey, at least I read a lot and did not do much of anything else really. It was nice to have a break from working, but damn, IT WAS HOT.

The railway you are seeing it actually goes through the city. I just wanted to take a hipster photo of it. So, did I do it right?

And the last picture, the one with the sunset, the building in it, is the Mihai Eminescu Library. Yes, the national poet. And since it is the second time I’m mentioning him, I have to share with you a translation of one of my favorite poems. And the English translation is not that bad.


With the curtains drawn together,
At my table of rough wood,
And the firelight flickering softly,
Do I fall to thoughtful mood.

Flocks and flocks of sweet illusions,
Memories the mind recalls,
And they softly creep like crickets
Through time’s grey and crumbled walls;

Or they drop with gentle patter
On the pavement of the soul,
As does wax before God’s altar
From the sacred candles roll.

About the room in every corner
Silver webs the spiders sew,
While among the dusty bookshelves
Furtive mice soft come and go.

And I gaze towards the ceiling
That so many times I saw,
And listen how the bindings
With their tiny teeth they gnaw.

O, how often have I wanted
My worn lyre aside to lay;
From poetry and solitude
At last my thoughts to turn away.

But again the mice, the crickets,
With their small and rustling tread
Awake in me familiar logings
And with poetry fill my head.

Once in a while, alast too rarely,
When my lamp is burning late,
Suddenly my heart beats wildly
For I hear the latch-bar grate.

It is She. My dusky chamber
In a moment seems to glow;
As if an icon’s holy lustre
Did o’er life’s threshold flow.

And I know not how the moments
Have the heart away to sneak,
While we whisper low our loving,
Hand in hand, and cheek to cheek.

English version by Corneliu M. Popescu

All and all,  this was time well spent. And I’m very proud because apparently I handled the tantrum quite well, because I allowed her to discharge and then consoled her with an ice cream and a scooter ride. And all the crying and scooter activity put her right to sleep afterwards. So, although most times I think about myself as a big child, this time I proved to be an adult. So, yeey me!

While I was there a mosquito bit me. And it took a week to heal. I totally forgot how it feels to be bit by a mosquito. In 2014 I’ve moved to a mountain city named Sibiu, where there were no mosquitoes apparently. And my body totally forgot how to behave. Because the damn thing got red and big and swollen and it wouldn’t go away. But it did go away in the end.

I also ended my stay there with a caramel cheesecake.

So, I gave you kids stories, pics, cake and poetry. This should be enough for now. Next time, I’ll tell you how I got to Sibiu and how the wedding was.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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