Jul 18 2019

Blast from the past(part 7)

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Here we are closer to the present, year 2012. At the beginning of 2012, this image was plastered over a huge office building in Iasi. And is was online too, the image below is a screenshot from a Facebook ad. Yes, I was the face of one of Endava’s recruiting efforts. And the reason why my face was there is because I had the idea of making it look like Star Trek. Clearly the image is photo-shopped, not even in my youngest days I had a waist that small. And my hair was never that perfect. But I think I am still recognizable.

If Endava wold have known that I would quit only about 4 months later, they probably would have used somebody else. But at the time, I did not know I was going to quit either. But before I quit, I was sent to Paris to work for BRD. Which is where the next picture was taken. (Just realized I still have that jacket, I’m so wearing it tomorrow. :D)

I would very much love to say that I loved Paris. But I did not. Not really. So, the delegation me and my other two colleagues were assigned to was a weird one. We were supposed to work with a local team and with a team from the UK, to set up a system that was supposed to read all BRD data and create some graphs of connections between people and transactions, that were supposed to identify possible fraudsters and fraud nodes. Problem is … it was a bank. And they were paranoid about security. And even if we signed non disclosure agreements, we did not have internet for two months. And without internet, we couldn’t do anything really. I mean, this is a lazy person’s dream I guess, being paid to just … stay in Paris. But it wasn’t mine, because that time would have been dead time and would have represented a hole in my review form. How can you ask for a raise or a promotion, when you barely worked, right? Also, we did not really have a stable accommodation. It was a weird arrangement, where our colleagues from London, would reserve our hotel for a week from their own money and they were being reimbursed later. And my colleagues were not managers, were developers, entry level or with a little bit of experience, so they weren’t payed extraordinarily well, obviously. So for two months, me and my colleagues changed hotel almost every week. And the hotels were all over Paris, we even stayed in the city center a few times.¬† Anyway, at the time we hated it, I hated it. But I’m not sure I wouldn’t like it now, and do things differently. I should have enjoyed myself more. The things I loved about that time was the fact that I got to run along the Seine¬† almost every evening, I got to eat a ridiculous amount of French cheese and that I got to walk thorugh Jardin des Tuileries, where my favorite video up to this day, was filmed.

And, do not try to debate me, there will never be a love song as great and as moving as this is. So yup, I was there, strolling right next to the statue Darren Hays was. This is as close as I will ever get in this lifetime to that wonderful person, but I’m quite content.

After I quit Endava, I joined a very nice company name Levi9, that right from the first week with them sent me to Belgrade to get certified in Spring. In the picture below, is the whole team and the trainer. Those were one of the most beautiful four days of my life. We all passed the exam I think, and we lost contact after that. And yeah, Belgrade is an amazing city and Serbians are amazing people. So, if you ever get the chance to go there on vacation, go. Also, the food, the food was amazing – typical Eastern European, with a lot of meat with proper seasoning and the portions were immense.

Some time after that, I ended up doing outsourcing work for a company named Cycleon, that invited the Romanian team over to Utrecht and after taking us bouldering, they treated us to some Chinese food in an amazing restaurant named like me. :D Happy times. I really hope I’ll get to do that again someday with another team, because it was an amazing team building activity.

Also, representative for 2012 is this picture:

One year earlier I had finally passed my driving exam(third try – and although I’m not the best driver, there two emotional stories as to why I failed the first two times) and I was posing there opposite to another car, and a person that used to be very dear to me. All and all, I do seem to be happy in that picture and I will forever remember that car. It was my first car, and the car that flipped over and hit a bridge, but somehow protected all five of us inside, and we all got out without a scratch. So, Dacias might not be the most comfortable, or luxurious cars in the world, but for me and 5 other persons, three years ago, that car was definitely safe.

Also there is a story behind the number of course. 2011 was the year when I could afford my first 64 bits processor. So when my then boyfriend suggested the number I loved the idea, so I decided to give it a try, apply for it and it was available.

And that was my 2012. Read me later for 2013.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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