Jul 25 2019

Blast from the past(part 8)

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I don’t really remember much about 2013 and I have no idea why. I have only two pictures from you from that year, that for some reason I considered important.

This picture was made in Bulgaria. For some reason I rarely left the country for vacations until 2015. Not sure why. Maybe I thought my salary would not handle such an investment, maybe because I did not know the outside world enough to be curious about it or maybe my friends and my home life was enough. I was going in a few places in Europe for my work, and I guess I never really considered that I could go there for vacations as well. So yeah, for some reason that year I went on my summer vacation in Bulgaria. Probably because that was where my then boyfriend’s best friend was going and we just jumped in for the ride. We drove from Iasi to Bulgaria, and yes, it was as bad as you would imagine. I mean, about 12 hours of driving on Romanian & Bulgarian roads is a little bit of a nightmare. I do not even remember the name of the location honeslty. But I remember we had all inclusive service, which meant that breakfast, lunch and dinner were provided by the hotel and the quality was not so bad either. So we ended up having a routine like this: breakfast, lounging in the sun, launch, sleep, more lounging in the sun, dinner, then having long walks on the beach.

That vacation I realized that I had really little in common with my boyfriend and the most interesting exchange of ideas for four days I had them with a friend of his that was accompanying us. I honestly was jealous that my boyfriend had such an awesome friend and I just couldn’t steal him as my own. :D

The picture is made not in the place where we went on vacation, but in a place we stopped when going back to Romania. There was a nice beach and an amazing botanical garden.

Anyway, in that picture I had a little bit of a headache, because unbeknownst to me, an ear infection was slowly developing. You see, the hotel had a pool. All days there, we never though about going to the pool. Why do that when you had the see so close, right? But because we were curious, we went one day. And the water was a little cold and it smelled weird, like it hadn’t been changed recently. And the hotel admitted that their pool pump was actually broken. It’s not like the water was dirty, it just felt… off.

On the way back, the ear infection got really bad and the next stop was the hospital where a nice lady inspected me and let me know that its bad and that I will need to put some drops in my ear, I will need to come back for a few days for some medical cleaning and checking of my ear and take antibiotics. I did them all and in a week I was fine. But the headache was terrible and I hope I will never go through that again.

At the end of the year I decided to make a drastic change in appeareance.

The last time in my life when I had the hair so short, I was ten years old. The reason I got my hair so short when I was ten was because the person cutting my hair misunderstood my cousin. My mother was furious. Between our house’s walls she accused my cousing of being jealous on my thick and long hair and butchering my hair intentionally. Of course, this theory of hers was rebutted by my cousin last year when she visited me. Anyway, back to my 2013 hair. I got that haircut because a long time ago I’ve found a picture of a very sexy woman, in a very sexy pose with hair cut and dyed lke that. I know it sounds like a very stupid thing for a grown ass woman to do, but oh well. The good part is that after that I actually found out I liked having short hair.

And that is pretty much all I remeber about 2013. There don’t seem to be many blog entries that year either, so I was either really busy, either very depressed. I preffer to think I was really busy. ;)

Stay safe, stay happy!

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