Aug 05 2019

With Psihoza on vacation

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This weekend I was away from home in a quick short trip to some Scotland lochs: Loch Tay and Loch Long. I basically did a circle drive with the following itinerary: Edinburgh -> Kenmore -> Arrochar -> Glasgow -> Edinburgh. Why this itinerary? I had a dear friend visiting and I really wanted to get her out of Edinburgh, because right now it is festival time si the city is swamped with people. I just chose the two locations: Kenmore and Arrochar because they were in the Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park, they were close enough to drive, leaving us some time to just hike or walk around. And they were near lakes which helped with the view.

When booking the hotels my friend noticed the hotels were pet-friendly and she suggested we should get the cat too and that’s exactly what we did.

In preparation for the voyage, I bought my cat a harness. She hated it, as you can see from the video below. (Yes it is filmed vertically, just let the hate flow.)

But well, the decision was made, the pet sitter had not been called, so it had to happen. So, the day comes, we put everything in the car, including the cat. I wrap her in the harness and leave her tied loosely enough in the back seat. The idea was to give her enough spaced to move in case she got bored, but not enough space as to hinder me while driving. Of course, when she got in the car she thought she was going to the veterinary and she started growling and she hid in the back of her transporter box. While being tied to the car chair of course. And because the harness was not long enough for her to properly hid in the box, I just broke down because of here suffering and removed the harness. And with a little bit of complaining from her part, that consisted in some random meowing we got to Kenmore. The drive to Kenmore was really nice. I exited Edinburgh through Queensferry and crossed the Queensferry Crossing Bridge which made for a great view of the Forth Road Bridge and the old Forth Bridge that is a cantilever railway bridge across the Firth of Forth in the east of Scotland that looks both majestic and over-engineered as fuck.

The drive was quite picturesque since from Dunkeld we left any national road or highway ad we just used country roads. There still was asphalt, but there barely was space for two cars on the road one next to each other. I don’t really have any pictures from the road because I do not have a dashcam so you’ll just have to take my word for it – it was mesmerizingly beautiful.

Anyway, the drive was about two hours long and we got there. We got the bags and got the cat. And when I got the cat, I initially wanted to put her in the harness, but looked at her sorry face and decided not to. Also, she was so bitter and so sad that for a second I thought: “This is not going to work, I’m not doing this to her, the harness isn’t working.” And so, I decided to get her in her box and get her into the room. By the way, the hotel looked like this:

And the room looked like this:

It was difficult to take a picture because I am small person and there was a big cabinet in the corner where I was taking the picture from. That is a king size bed and it if you think it looks like a bed for royalty, you are right. It looked like a bed made for kings and queens and all three of us enjoyed our sleep in it. And yes, that is a pet-friendly hotel room. The cat hid under the bed for a while, then spent the night on the window sill.

It was almost sundown, so we left the cat in the room and we took a long walk before ending our night with a cider.

Yup, it was calming and it was beautiful. The hotel was amazing and the breakfast was served in a restaurant with a perfect view of the river that was flowing into Loch Tay. So of course, we’ve had our breakfast and took some pictures before leaving. Unfortunately for the cat, I was unable to find her harness in the morning. It had dissapeared into thin air. I have no explanation for this, so the cat did not see all of this. Oh well, there will be a next time because Kenmore is on my favorite destination for relaxation from now on. And since there is an equestrian club, I will definitely go back there, because I’ve wanted to learn horse riding since I was a kid.

Gallery not found.

At eleven we had to leave Kenmore and we drove about one hour to Arrochar. Turns out Arrochar is really not that interesting. The hotel was a little over-advertised. But at least the Loch Long coast was great and there was a chippy that made one of the best fish and chips I have ever eaten. The hotel was … well… it was not Kenmore. But the area around it was amazing with a few mountain peaks and a lot of nature.

The cat unfortunately did not get to leave the room at all. The hotel was not really suitable for cats and since she had no harness I did not risk it. But since it became clear to her that I did not get her in the car to get her to the vet, not to abandon her, she got comfortable.

And then when it was time to leave, I left her in the car for five minutes and I found her in the co-pilot seat.

On the way back, she got brave and got out of her box during the drive. She even came in front and sat on the lap of my friend. But her purpose was to stay in my lap and when that was not possible she growled a little and went back to the back chair and slept all the way to Edinburgh on the towel I put there for her. I don’t know what else to say. This is the smartest and the most resilient cat I ever had. She complained a little during the drive, but she stayed in her designated area without being locked or tied. She slept in the hotel rooms with me or my friend, she did not scratch anything and did her business only in the litter. And because I am now a proud owner of a furminator brush, she did not leave much hair either. I think traveling with her is actually doable now and as long as I do not need to go out of the country for vacation, I can probably take her with me everywhere. I’m really-really a very lucky cat owner, because she is simply amazing.

Stay safe, stay happy!

(Forth bridge image source.)

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