Aug 09 2019

Blast from the past(part 9)

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The year 2014 did not seem to be a good year for me.  I am not sure if the lack of pictures from that year is linked to the incident I had while moving pictures from one HDD to another, but this is the smallest directory I have. This is the year when I made one of the biggest change in my life. I moved from Iasi to Sibiu, I moved from the city where I lived for 13 years, where all my friends were. I left that city heartbroken expecting nothing good. Boy … a big surprise was waiting for me.

I don’t have many pictures of me from that year. So yeah, if anybody that reads me happens to have some pictures with me from 2014 please share them.

I don’t remember the first four months of the year. I remember a few days in May though. I remember when I told my then-boyfriend that there are about five things that I am in that relationship for and that it is enough for me if he has nothing else to give and he pretended to feel guilty that he cannot make me happy and dumped me. I remember crying a lot, I remember wishing I wouldn’t feel that broken. I felt guilty thinking that my depression destroyed that relationship, that I am toxic and I destroy everything I touch.  And about three years later I found out his new conquest actually gave him an ultimatum. :)) And that for half of our relationship he had a side girl.  No wonder I was miserable because when things are wrong you can just feel it.

I remember the week when all his things disappeared and I remember when I started giving interviews to move away from Romania. Funny enough, a very interesting offer came from a company in Sibiu and I ended up accepting it. So I stayed in Romania and moved close to the city where I’ve lived the 12 happiest years of my life(Rm-Valcea is one hour drive away). In the next picture, you can see the living room where boxes were starting to appear as I was preparing to take off.

The company I was leaving behind organized a team building event at Vatra-Dornei, in the Carpathian mountains and we did some rafting and some zipline riding. That is where the two pictures are from. It still is to this day, the greatest team-building event I ever took part.

After that event, I left. I packed all I could in two cars, one of them driven by one of my dearest friends and we drove 7 hours to Sibiu. After two hours of driving, I nearly broke down because my cat was meowing in the car every 30 seconds, unhappy that she had to stay in the box. I stopped on the side of the road almost crying, I opened the car door, I opened the box and told her: You want to leave me too? Go ahead! But she did not leave me and now she is a proud Scottish cat.

I moved to Sibiu, and I started a new job and that year I met my mentor and the best manager somebody could ever ask for. And I truly hope life will send me some more prople like them in my way. I miss them both very much.

The next picture was taken by a friend. He was in my life for a little time, but I owe him a lot. Because of him I finally decided to go see a psychologist about my possible depression. He did his best to keep me jolly and happy, but happiness rarely comes from outside. At least this is the case for me. :)

The end of 2014 found me in my home office starting to write my first book. Things were starting to improve.

Stay safe, stay happy!

(While writing this I just got in the mood to go to the beach, so … red me next time!)


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