Aug 14 2019

Blast from the past(part 10)

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Here we are, it is the year 2015. This is the year when I decided I no longer liked having long hair. And I cut it short, really short. I also came back to my natural colour which is a very dark brown.

The archive for this year got messed up too. So, unfortunately, all the pictures in this post are from November and December. Which is really, really sad. Because 2015 was a great year. This is the year when I went to Frankfurt in August and heard the Script sing live for the first time in my life. I’ve been a fan of this band since 2008 since they first emerged as a Dublin phenomenon.
This was their first released song and I still love it because it has such an air of hopeful sadness to it.

I still like them although their latest album is too commercial for my taste. Still bought it from iTunes and supported them because I trust them to do better next time.

Then in November, I’ve been to Vienna for the first time in my life. I know, Vienna is very close to Romania, how come it took me so long? Well, you need a certain type of friends to enjoy a city like that. Also, you need some special type of friends to enjoy a Marily Manson concert. Because that was the primary purpose of the trip. Sad fact: the concert ended abruptly because 13 November 2015 is the date of the Paris terror attacks that left 129 people dead, so the Viennese security started fearing for the safety of such a big crowd and decided to stop the concert. And we were there, with shitty internet and thinking Marily Manson was having a drug-induced temper tantrum. Because we only found out what happened a little bit later.

Vienna is impressive is a cultural city and unless you really like castles and baroque-inspired buildings, it won’t do it for you. I love Vienna, I even considered taking a job there. I even met someone that I could have fallen in love with there. Yes Dominik, I am talking about you. ;) So yeah, Vienna will always be dear to me.

That year I’ve participated to one of the best company winter parties ever. Uff, I really miss my co-workers from Sibiu, and the ones from Germany too. But oh well, it is what it is.

That year after the company party, a small weekend to Geneva turned to a beautiful few days to Annecy, France when the girl reserving the accomodations, managed to book an appartment next to the train station in Annecy, instead of Geneva. And it was a perfect mistake and I still lover her for it. I’ve had the greatest time and I will always remember the fondue I’ve shared with her. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, she has her own life and I have mine, but I do miss her sometimes. I’ve returned to Annecy last year, I was there alone, with a sprained knee and a cane. Obviously, it was not the same.

I closed the year with a hike to the Canaia cabin, from the Cindrel mountains. My first witer climb with two of my best friends. We started climbing on a Friday evening and dark caught up with us and the fog made everything so gloomy. But it was beautiful and mesmerizing.

Not sure what else to say about 2015. I think this was the year I finally broke down and took myself to a psychologist. I’ve been battling depression and suicidal thoughts for years, I was looking at myself in the mirror realizing that I am in a better situation than I ever dreamed I would be and still felt useless and still thought the world would be better without me. And it hit me, I was the last person on the world that anybody would expect to feel this way. Why was I feeling this way? I obviously had no answer for this, so I just decided to go and ask a professional. And this is how I met the woman that helped me become the ray of sunshine I am today.

So if you are struggling with your own mind, be brave, tell somebody, do not keep it in an let it poison you. We are all broken one way or another, and we need to support each other. Talk to a friend, go to a psychologist, do whatever you need to to get better. Because you can get better.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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