Aug 17 2019

Blast from the past(part 11)

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2016 is one of the years that I archived the pictures for and a lot of them got lost. But I am happy that the set of pictures I took while first visiting Scotland were not lost.

How did I end up going to Scotland for vacation? Well, I have these two friends and they proposed a trip to Irland and Scotland because there was a cheap direct flight from Cluj to Dublin. And yeah, UK is pretty expensive so, it would have bean cheaper ion three. I was out of ideas for my vacation anyway and I was keen to come back to Dublin. So there we went. And we are still talking about that vacation as the best we ever had.

When we were walking on the streets of Edinburgh I told them I can see myself living here. And well, we all know where I live now. :D

Aftert coming back from Scotland, since the weather was still good, I’ve made the climb to the Avrig lake with a friend of mine.

And also, I have proof from that year for you that my cat can be friendly.

At the end of November I had an accident with old car, a Dacia Sander Smile. Because of bad roads and maybe me being a little tired, I ended up flipping the car and smashing it into a bridge. There were 5 persons in that car. We all got out without a scratch. A freek accident that left the car totaled and left me and four of my friends in Bucharest. I’ve probably wrote about this before on my blog, but I would like to repreat myself: I am so grateful that none of us was hurt, because I do not even want to imagine how I could have lived with myself if any of those people that put thier trust in me as a driver, would have gottern hurt… or worse.

Also, in that December I have been delegated to Frankfurt with a dear friend of mine and went together too see a Zaz concert and if you do not know who she is, I advise you to go to youtube and enjoy her music, because she is awesome.

And because the year was not done, I also took a one week vacation in Vienna. Well, actually was not really a vacation, I just tols the company that I’m going over there  for an Akua Naru concert, and that I want to work from thier office for the week and they were more than happy to assist. I took a selfie with her. She is awesome and I am really bad at selfies.

Also, after coming back from Vienna, I got this little baby.

After the accident  I thought I will never drive again. But then winter came, my ass froze while walking to work and I changed my mind. The number of the car is a personalized number. 83 is my year of birth and SUN is short for sunshine, my most recent nickname, given to me by a dear friend. And SB is the auto acronym for Sibiu, the place where I lived at the time.

Her first long drive was to Iasi, to spend the holidays with my best friends and she took me there and back to Sibiu safely, even if the return trip was difficult because it was heavily snowing in the mountains I was crossing.

I’ve had this car for almost one year and a half and it was so hard parting with it. But I forwarded it to my best friends so it is in good hands. Plus, as I always say, life it’s not about the things, it’s about the people.

We’re getting closer to the present, soon I’ll really have to start looking for inspiration for what to write around here somewhere else.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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